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Princess Alexis was the niece of the Emperor… You know, the one who wore no clothes. Yes, it was now Alexis’s turn to make her grand entrance; and she was not about to allow her nutty uncle to out-do her. So, Alexis had her stylist to go out into the gardens in search of inspirations for her grand-day view.

As the assistant wondered amongst the garden, she came across a beautiful sculpture, which resembled a beautiful hat. The sculpture had long green arms which seemed to wave in the most elegant way. The green arms had a soft-white feathered boa, which draped itself along the top and bottom of the arms. On top of the arms were the riches reddest flowers, which resembled freshly polished fingernails.
The assistant ran as fast as she could to inform the princess of her findings. She suggested the princess to grace the beautiful sculpture as a headpiece during the parade. Well, the princess needed to see the adorning crown for herself, before agreeing to any further planning. So, the two went for a closer look at her crown. Of course, the princess loved its gracious green arms, its feathered boa, and its blood-red fingernail… “Lord Bless the Village.”

The princess told her assistant, that she noticed the crown was waving and applauding her presence. She decided that all that was left to do was to find a matching dress, and that is exactly what they did as they made their way back to the castle. As they took a short-cut through the kitchen; the princess stopped as gasped then she ran and grabbed a sack, which was nestled in a corner with a few potatoes resting on top. “This will match the crown perfectly,” shrieked the princess. The two jumped and patty-caked their hands with excitement. “Do you think they can make a dress from this lavish material,” asked the princess. “Oh yes, yes, yes,” screamed the assistant and off they went to finalize the princess’s ensemble.

The day of the big parade, the princess had her assistant to retrieve the crown from the garden, as she wanted the crowns arms and fingernails to be freshly invigorated so that they could wave and greet her guest as she proudly pranced down main street. She wore her khaki colored dress with its special knit pattern and her green-armed crown and off she went, marching down main street.
The crowd gasped, laughed and waved at the princess, who noticed all the whispering, and thought, “I’m knocking them dead.” All of a sudden, a little girl shouts “Look, mommy, the princess is wearing a burlap sack and a cactus on her head.”

In the same way, her uncle was embarrassed for being naked, the princess suddenly became familiar with the material that she was wearing as a gown and she reached up and felt the prickly cactus on her head and became immediately embarrassed.
The villagers simply shook their heads and said, “They never let us down.”

Word Count = 500
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