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by Paul
Rated: 13+ · Critique · Emotional · #2195652
self explanatory, shoving things in my face in such a way that will help me to self heal..
and you…and love

tear my shirts to shreds, threw away my pants and threads
bleach those new blue jeans, spend my life in bed
it never occurred to me that I’d be
“I can’t fight this feeling anymore…”

just another pointless monologue…it’s all emotional fog
“And where are you now…now that I need you “
can we go dancing under this moonlight...?
‘til we’re drenched by the sunrise
lay on soft red rose petals
awake in my arms finaly as lovers

huge bouquets of beautiful flowers
of course, I’m aware of their powers
let’s draw lines in the sand…’til they’re swept away by rolling blue waves
and as the lights goes out, we’ll watch them glowing incandescently
“After the boys of summer have gone….”
shadows falling, darkened, stretching over this early evening
is there something left of my being.

there is a silence, an impasse, a definite division
beyond conversation, I’m overflowing with passion
I’m not chasing, nor watching, although I am missing
I’m lost, but I’m not helpless, because I’m aimless
All these words are overused - and I don’t mean to be rude
“You probably think that you are better now…better now”
It’s all denial - I’m not a liar, nor a player
freedom…isn’t really freedom - it’s incarceration
Oh Jesus...! This sentence…

no sound is sound
and I can’t say this, because I’m in such a mess
I feel like this is my confession, though I’m not obsessing
I’m trying to be honest…
“I don’t want to be alone tonight,
It’s pretty clear that I’m not over you…”
and this silence is deafening, it’s deafening…

make the stars shine brighter, lighter
this evening’s air has fallen so heavy upon me
consciously unconscious
“And there’s a heart that’s breaking
Down this long-distance line tonight!”

I’m missing you…

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