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by Frisk
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What happens when you loose everthing you had and have to start over...but with more fun.
Chapter One:The New Palace

It was my first day at the new palace and I had just woken from the best sleep I ever had.It was 10:00 and I could smell the pancakes that the cheif was making.I got out of bed to go to the bathroom and then I changed into my clothes.When I finally made it down stairs I saw that cheif Madame had made a whole feast."How was your beauty sleep" she asked.I started to say something but I was cut of by my mother, the queen.She didn't look happy although she did have to sell her old palace."Sofie what are you doing up" mom asked with a puzzled look."Sorry to interupt but it is almost 11:00 M.S" said Madame.Mom decided to ignore Madame and sit to eat."What is this" she asked."Pancakes mom there like flap jacks" I said."Well then who made them you or Madame?"she said back.It was clear that mom was doing this because she didn't like the new palace.Of course I liked and missed my old room but there was nothing I could do.Mom had gobbled up her food and headed to her room since her tour was last night but now it was time for mine.
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