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The rate of sea level rise 15 thousand years ago
100 Feet in 1000 Years

Although climate change is a topic people disagree about, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what a reasonable projection of sea level rise could be. This little post makes a first order estimate using the sea level rate that occurred when the glaciers started melting eighteen thousand years ago.

Climatologist Claire Parkinson’s Coming Climate Crisis?: Consider the Past, Beware the Big Fix notes the sea level rose five meters (16+ feet) in four consecutive centuries. Overall, the ocean level rose two hundred feet in two thousand years.

100 feet in 1000 years.

If that rate occurred now, children who reach their centennial birthdays will have lived through a sea level rise of ten feet. Not a mind-boggling amount, but it would be very noticeable to centennials who live near the Baltimore Harbor.

If sea level rise started at the rate of 100 feet in 1000 years, the effect of the twenty foot water rise in 200 years becomes the background setting in "BaltSea , when rising waters and personal impulses collide.

Referencing the cover figure, in 200 years Baltimore Harbor will expand over the blue areas. Much of downtown Baltimore, Dundalk, Essex, and Brooklyn Park would be underwater. Homes currently occupied by one hundred thousand people would be under water.

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