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Rated: E · Short Story · Self Help · #2195732
A meaningful second person story
“These empty homes I used to know, all broken down.
On lonely roads I roam alone through smoke and clouds.”

[REDACTED] lost their friend in a car accident. [REDACTED] didn't show up to school for a few weeks, grades dropping. The friend was extremely close to [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] were devastated when it happened. [REDACTED] felt empty, like a void opened up inside.

When [REDACTED] started drifting from social settings, friends started to become distant. Until they just became another face in the crowd. [REDACTED] felt like their face had turned greyscale. Eyelids feel heavy. Face turned towards the floor to hide the Blackness from the pupils.

Work, work , work, work, work, work, work, work, work work….
Life became a cycle. Wake up, work, achieve nothing, go back to bed, restart. And the path ahead, paved with misery, repetition, and insanity, lead unto infinity. If there was an end, it was black, no way to escape. And the humans leading, accelerated that misery, by ignoring the cracks in the dust-like skin.

“Who says you need a map to thrive?”

Showers rained black waters for months. Time seemed dynamic. It slowed down, and sped up. The darkness seemed to approach for [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] chose to accept this path. But… something happened. A person walked up and started talking. [REDACTED] tried to shut them out, but [REDACTED] soon learned their name is [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] started talking more and more. Soon the relationship was official. Suddenly the Darkness brightened. But the showers still rained black waters.

“Everyone has a leviathan coming.
But you can't live your life in silent running.”

The relationship fell apart. It was the fault of the other person, or at least that's what [REDACTED] told themselves. The path still lead to Darkness. [REDACTED] tried to reacclimate into society, but society shut [REDACTED] out. Inside the darkness, there was a simple door, with one window. From the window flowed the light of the other world.

“Let your challenges accelerate your lessons.”

You opened the door to find a being. The being had the wings of an angel, but the horns of the devil. It spoke the valiant words and the door closed behind you. You realize the light wasn’t coming from the room, it was an illusion. The room turned to darkness, surrounding you. Instead of harm, however, it fit into the puzzle of your perceived reality. It felt comfortable. Complete. You put your reality in a box. It took the form of a mirror. A golden handle, with a dark, black gem. You closed the box, and it locked. You then walked away. You stepped on a path. The path had no form. It was abstract, no color. Yet you walked it. However, it was not complete. So you decided to build it up yourself.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195732