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This short story comes with twists and turns... love and evil... all the same.
"APRIL 13th 1995"

She looked out into the ocean . She observed every wave as it crashed onto the rocks harshly, before slowly receeding over and over again. She looked at how the clear aqua green water glistened under the light of the big, round yellow sun. From where she stood, she could see the line which separated the mysterious ocean from the mezmorising blue sky.

As she stood on the cliff, the breeze whispered the sound of death to her. She was all too familiar with this sound. She looked down to her feet and a tear slipped from her left eye.It's the first time she had cried since she has come to this place. After five years, she still came to this place.No one knew what had happened here, except her. The girl with her hair out and loose. The girl with the soft and sad eyes, that highlited a face that told the story of loss. She wore a black shirt every year on the same day.

The day when she readized that the world is not a good place, and it was her duty to get rid of the evil. That day, April 13th 1995, was the day she destroyed the evil in her life. The evil she called mother.
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