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Something happened, something existed,and something disappeared will never appear anymore.
The people met, the people cared, and the people dissipated will never greet any more.
The love occured, the love shared, and the love lost will never be understood any more.
Words said, words brewed, and the words unspoken will never be told any more.
People passed, people gone, and the people left will never walk from grief any more.

'Do you miss your great grandma? She once loved you so much and treated you so well.' I asked my daughter, hoping that she would say yes so I related something happened between my daughter and my grandma. 'No.' just as she anwered last time when I told her the news that her great grandma had passed away. At her answer, I made a sigh. Such a callous answer. If heard by the ears of the outside world, she would be regarded as ungrateful and unworthly of the love given by her great grandma. Her great grandpa would be agiated by her honest answer if he heard it. Luckily, her reply was only said to me alone. As her father, I wanted to tell her to say yes to this kind of question if asked by others so that her anwer would be appropriate. But, I did not say that. She had given her anwer honestly and frankly, and I was hesitated to advise her to say something fake for the ears of others. Besides, as a girl of 5 years old, her emotion was not fully developed as that of the grown up. If something was not in her sight, she might not remember it and further express her feelings associated with it. I tought that if I let her see her photos taken with great grandma, she would surely remember something about great grandma, and awake her emotions about great grandma. It seemed that I had the similar situation with my daughter. Even if I had lived with my grandma, my daughter's great grandma, for 35 years, I could not remember much about her words and her thoughts vividly so that I felt my grandma more virtually. Even if I tried to remember the things, one by one, that actually happened in the past 35 years between me and my grandma, I could not recollect much but the simple account which close with several sheer sentences, in which I could not include her personal thought and emotions. It was such a pity that I had not taken the chance previously to understand the personal world of my grandma, and to examine her and study her, so that I could fully understand her. She was such an unique female who once lived in the world. The love she had given to me and the others who receive them, and her kindness to her acquitances had surely left an indelible mark to all that knew her. It was such a loss to the people who knew her and it might also take a long time for them to recover from this loss.

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