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by Neil
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2195832
Bacteria on the outer layer of the ISS could be from space, bringing many possible uses.
There was a knock at the door,”Come in.”
Dr Charles' assistant Jim Clarke came in with the results. “Dr Charles, it's mutated again.”
“That's impossible.” But one look at the report confirmed that Jim was right, it had changed.

The bacteria had arrived at Dr Bradley Charles' research facility in Utah only a few months before, and in that time it had gone through several mutations. Each time they threw something new at it, it was as if it absorbed the agent and then changed it's own molecular structure and the next time it was exposed to the agent, no bacteria died as a result. ”If this ever falls into the wrong hands Jim, I don't know if there would be any stopping it.”


Routine tests taking swabs from the outer surface of the ISS had found a new type of bacteria leading to speculation that this could be extra terrestrial, and at the White House, senior security advisers were preparing their report for the President. ”It's not from Earth sir, that we can confirm, but other than that, we know nothing at this stage.”
“Where is it being held?”
”Dr Brad Charles' lab in Utah sir, it is one of the best research facilities in the United States and very secure.”
”From preliminary test results I am glad to hear that. Keep me informed if they come up with something that can kill it, in the mean time get me Colonel Peters on the phone, we need to discuss military applications for this new discovery.”
“Sir, until we find the answer to what it is, and how to control it, it is not an agent we could use.”
“Yes yes, but once we have that, an antidote, a cure..." If only those white jackets would hurry up and find a way.


The three men sat around a table. A look of steely determination set on their weathered faces. All three had served together in secret CIA backed paramilitary operations in North Africa and South American but now they had decided to launch their own offensive. Plans for Dr Charles' facility laid out across the table showing several buildings and details of floor plans of the one that held 'the solution'. “It's in Utah. We have the men ready to take the facility, fully armed, and ready to die for the cause.” The cause being the ultimate sacrifice, the pure hatred of our kind, seeing human beings as the problem and to eradicate the Earth of the human disease.


Dr Charles heard an explosion and then the sound of automatic gunfire. Instantly he was on his feet and out the door of his office. Then more gunfire rang out, louder and closer this time. Fire alarms were sounding and as he rounded a corner several men carrying assault rifles approached, demanding to be taken to the lab that contained the bacteria. ”But there is no antidote...You will be dead in days if exposed to it.”

Little did he know that they were all going to die. Giving Mother Earth the answer to the plague that had poisoned her oceans and destroyed her beauty. Human beings wiped out by an alien traveller, delivered by those who are willing to sacrifice us all to deliver her the solution.

© Copyright 2019 Neil (struggle2bherd at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195832