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Point Well Taken

An Important Point

WC 229

There is always a point, always the gist of the argument. But for the life of me, I couldn't figure this one out.

Millie looked at me as if I had two heads. She expected me to spout words of wisdom. I had none. We sat at across from each other at our small kitchen table.

"You're missing the point!" she said emphatically. "We must do this."

Aaah - there it was. The point - the pinnacle - the mountain top. We!

"We must do what?" I asked.

"You know, the thing we talked about yesterday, George."

My brain replayed all I could remember of yesterday. Nope, no pinnacle moment stood out. I took a sip of coffee, trying to buy some time.

"Refresh my memory, Millie."

"Really? Really!" She stood and gave me 'that look'.

"Oh wait, was it about that trip we're planning? I thought we decided not this year."

"You're missing the point!" Millie then stomped out of the kitchen and out into the garden.

Bingo - there it was. I remembered.

I wandered out to the garden and found Millie. Her elbows were deep in the dirt and she was planting some seeds.

"We can start whenever you like. I am game if you are."

"We're not getting any younger, George."

"I know, and you're right. Let's start now." I took her hand and led her into the house.

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