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Sammy finds her physical therapy and dance-free schedule torturous
It was the last day of physical therapy, and Sammy was waiting to find out if she'd been cleared to dance. Amanda, the physical therapist, approached with some scans in her hand. "Mrs. Hill, Sammy, if you'd just follow me to the office, I'd like to show you the results."

"Am I free to dance yet?" Sammy pressed.

"Technically, yes, but-"

"YES!" Sammy whooped. "I can dance again!"

"BUT," Amanda clarified, louder, "I would recommend going to some yoga and pilates classes before you get back into dance. Reformer classes, especially, are really great for strengthening and stretching those muscles. Considering it's been about 4 months since you've done anything dance-related, I would highly suggest going to some low-impact activities before going back into dance.
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