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The love story of a rather unusual old timer.
         Love found me under a summer sky. I guess I could say I found it. I'm not sure, I was without my glasses that day, and I am kind of short-sighted. However, I do believe she was playing with the children next to the green area. That place always creeps me out.

The love, let's call her Sue, was just like another happy old lady we used to see on broadcast TV, talking about the weather and how cold it's been lately. It's been very cold. The old lady playing next to the green area was wearing a light coat with few burn marks on it. Very fancy. I mean veeery fancy. You don't find this kind of thing these days. The nicest thing I own is more burn marks than coat. Anyway, she was lovely. Playing with the naked children on the green area is always a delight. We didn't have clothes for infants since the thing, so we used to keep them on the warm part of the town. The lovely old lady waved to the children and entered the not-so-green-zone, where I was. She came in my direction, and our eyes shared this moment of intimacy, just before the clouds came.

As we looked into each other's eyes the wind became stronger, the leafs started complaining, and our bodies just ran, as fast as two old ones can on their own. My walk stick almost broke and I had to lift it up. I ran with just two legs and I felt like a child again. Me and Sue got to the bunker in town, and it was the first time I felt happy about entering there. For the first time I had a reason to keep living, to take care of the community children, I could build a family. Sue could be my family. I told her that.

"Are you single, young lady?"

"I might," she whispered.

Oh, such delight. And the bunker was almost empty. I got happy for it, we could have our private moments in peace. Think about that, knowing how horrible that thought was. Celebrating the emptiness of the bunker, the lack of humans, just so I could have a few moments alone with that pretty lady. It was just second nature back then. I was one of the only adults living, and pretty much the only old man in town. That doesn't sound like bragging, but it is.

All the old ladies were mine back then. It's just three or four but it is something, my opinion back then. How foolish. Now there are none. There are two, but they're lesbians, so none for me. I love that couple though. My two exes - Sue and Rachel - found love in a devastated world. I'm happy for them, I really am. I just wish I had someone for me.

My partners are gone. The children are gone. There is just me and this lovely couple, waiting for extinction. We plant our own food and sleep on our own beds, but you don't want to know that. You want to know what happened to the world.

Well, we did. I, we, were so busy trying to kiss old ladies that we forgot to take proper care of the children, thousands of them. Tens of hundreds of beautiful small children left to total oblivion because short-sightedness, mine and ours.

The Earth is gone, though. The best thing is to accept it and move on to the next era. Maybe there will be a species who doesn't need glasses, and a member of that species who, in fact, knows how to care for things.

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