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If we don't clean up our oceans, more like this whale will die needlessly.
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How do our oceans get so filled with debris?
Some by the wind blowing trash off our trashcans,
others by careless countries who dump crap into the sea.
Plastic straws left on beaches, sidewalks, and streets
end up in the ocean by a gust of wind, or rainstorms;
this, in turn, pushes straws and other debris into waterways
where unsuspecting marine life think this is a smorgasbord.
The picture of the whale tells us this must be stopped,
who died along with so many other mammals who live in the sea!
Water bottles, plastic bags may come from different countries,
which all end up in a blob of swirling plastic waste growing daily.

An Ocean Cleanup Project is underway, but it’s a daunting task.
A global-scale effort is needed for cleaning up this mess,
the clock is ticking showing we all must act so no more mammals die!

Even as I write, our oceans are becoming overwhelmed with junk!
One of our natural resources is treated as a garbage dump,
Is that why our climate is so out of control?
Oceans control the weather, cleans the air, feeds the world,
Provides a living for fishermen, and home to different marine life.
When I see pictures of this glob of garbage floating in the ocean,
I want to cry out how can we be so stupid, no more!

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