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A short story about popcorn that does something magical!

         Max and Princess always fought! Max was a white lab puppy and Princess was a British shorthair adult cat. Their owners, Judy and Harold were getting upset about them always fighting!

"Judy, are they fighting again? What is wrong with those two?" asked Harold upset once again.

"I don't understand it! I guess cats and dogs are enemies! We need to find a way to stop this! I don't want them hurting each other!" exclaimed Judy.

         Judy had to separate the two pets. She put Max outside and left Princess inside. Judy wasn't happy that she had to do this to them but she couldn't think of another way to make it peaceful in the house. For some reason, Princess was unhappy about Judy doing this, but Judy didn't know she was unhappy. Princess was unhappy because she was feeling lonely. Princess just went to her bed and curled up in a ball to sleep afterward.

"Well Harold, this seems to be the only way we can have peace between them is by separating them. What a shame!" said Judy unhappy.

"It sure is a shame. I have an idea though. I'll tell you tonight when we watch our favorite movie together on t.v.," said Harold excitedly, thinking that he had a possible solution to their problem with their pets.

         Judy and Harold turned their favorite movie on. Harold put it on pause. He was making a giant tub of popcorn and added lots of butter to it too. After he was done, he threw down a piece to Max. Max quickly smelled it and gobbled it right down! He threw one toward Princess. She too smelled it and gobbled it down.

"Well, well, well! Looks like they love buttered popcorn! I'm going to give them their own tub then! I'll put half of it into another tub for them," said Harold leaving the movie on pause and going to put the popcorn into a different giant paper tub for them.

"That's wonderful Harold! Was this your idea you had?" asked Judy curiously.

"Yes! And it seems to be working already since now we know they both love to eat buttered popcorn. This is wonderful. Now I'm going to try something further," said Harold while placing the tub of popcorn on the floor in between the two pets. The two pets went right after the tub of popcorn. They not only loved eating it, they were looking at each other lovingly and were getting along! They weren't fighting!

"Look Judy! They're lovingly looking at each other and are getting right along! It looks like we found a way for them to be peaceful. We can do this every night we put a movie on then," said Harold merrily.

"Yes, we found a way to make them have peace with each other! I love this! What a wonderful idea you had Harold!" exclaimed Judy while patting both of the pets on their head.

         Harold didn't stop at this! He came up with more ways than only this to make them have peace with each other. He kept using food to help train them to love and be friends with each other. His ideas kept working and everyone lived peacefully in their home.

~ The End! ~

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