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I came up with this title when too many expectations are put upon us both good and bad.
Expandable expectations are increased in a variety of ways when they're put upon you. They come about when people decide on what's best for you, and they keep adding more to those expectations. Whew! Pretty soon it gets to be too much to handle.

If they were only flexible enough to gently expand into something that you'd really like to do, expandable expectations can be a good thing. Encouraging people to do more would help them put forth more effort into accomplishing their goals.

Expandable expectations pursues capabilities that we may have never known about ourselves, otherwise, how would we have developed an interest in anything other than the expandable expectations that someone made us do. A comparison attributing to a desirable quality of success into something that would, in all probability, be destined to fail, why would we want to try doing something that someone forced upon us?

Expandable expectations will proceed to expendable heights when the mountain gets too steep; when it feels as though the pressure of individuals exceeds the amount of pressure you put upon yourself; you may not get to where you're going in life.

Expandable expectations can be narrowed down to one, if someone will support the ideas that you've discovered; this may be the focus of a genius that you never knew about; it's the strength that you have.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, July 15, 2019
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