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My taste in popular music has changed over the decades--the best are current hits
I used to listen to just oldies popular music stations but not anymore. Now, I listen to stations that offers both oldies popular music to current hits. Most of these new tunes are really great music of all time I think. It just keeps getting better and better. I don't classify myself as just an oldies listener--but I appreciate the new talent of this popular genre.

Collecting these old CDs were a hobby of mine until my favorites were almost everything I listened to including more recent. I no longer purchase CDs as my favorite stations usually play what I would call collectable tunes. It saves me in both money and space to tune into stations on the radio or online.

This type of music is for both the young and old alike. I've listened to all sorts of popular music in stores alike. And, almost anywhere there is music playing I can identify with it and think to myself that this is a favorite tune of mine. I think it is the music of the generations and not just one in particular.

Today's current musical talents are getting better at crossing generations with really great popular hits. There are countless favorites of mine to where they are all my favorite music. Some new artists revive older hits from 30 and 40 years ago from my then day in time. They are awesome too. The airways are finding new ways to please the audience age gap.

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