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Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2196185
A short story based on a prompt about a mysterious book from Ruby's Mother, Jane.
         Ruby who's 30, has long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes and loves to wear blue jeans. She loves to read all kinds of books. She's particularly fond of books that have a mystery to them, a book that's unusual in some way and is rare. She has at least a dozen rare books in her collection, and a few of them were from her Mother, Jane.

"Well, I'm going to have my breakfast and watch some news," Ruby said while eating her breakfast and watching the news now. All of the sudden, there's an unexpected knocking at her bedroom door area. However, the sound's actually coming from her front door. She goes to look at her peep hole in her door.

"Who's that I wonder at this time? It's only 7:00 a.m. and it's a Saturday! I'm not answering it now! I'm not even dressed!" Ruby exclaimed. Ruby waited around five minutes for the person to leave, then went to look outside to see if it was a delivery or not.

"Wow! Who's this from? I can't wait to see what's inside and who it's from! Today's my birthday afterall!" Ruby exclaimed eagerly while bringing in the package into her kitchen.

"I'm going to wait to open it though. I don't know about the company on the box anyway. Maybe it's from my friend? Oh well, I'll find out soon enough," said Ruby while sitting down to continue to watch the news and eat her breakfast.

         After Ruby finished her breakfast and watched some news, she put her dish in the sink and took the package to her t.v. room. She got a knife and opened the package. It contains a book with a cryptic note attached to it. Ruby becomes very excited receiving a book like this.

"Oh my gosh! It's a book and it's from my Mother! What's this? The book's author is my Mother?! Wow! I'm going to give her a call! But first, I'm going to read the note," Ruby exclaimed excitedly.

         Ruby reads the note. The note says that her Mother kept this book that she wrote a secret all of these years because she wanted to wait for the right time to tell her this information. It explains that her Mother's an alien hybrid and so is Ruby. She was adopted because hybrid's and the e.t.'s are unable to reproduce by normal means, they have to be cloned instead. Their planet was destroyed because of greed, power and lack of care for their planet. They've been here amoungst mankind because they have no other place to go, and they've been trying to mix themselves with us and our society so they too can have a planet to reside on again. The note also further explains that Ruby has been chosen by them to serve a higher purpose for mankind and them. Someday when they finally reveal themselves beyond the government's permission, she'll help teach them about using their imagination, how to do art and nature. And you'll help people by helping teach them about the e.t.'s and how not to fear or hate the good ones.

"Wow! I mean, WOW! I can't wait to call and talk to my Mother about this!" exclaimed Ruby while grabbing her cell phone.

"Hello Ruby. Happy birthday! I take it you got my book?" said Jane happily.

"Yes Mom! Wow! I never knew all of that! I knew you loved books but I never knew you actually wrote and got one published! That's awesome! I can't wait to read it! That's amazing what you wrote in your note too!" said Ruby excitedly.

"Yes love. All of that's true. I was told to take care of you and raise you. Now you know everything. The book's about the e.t.'s you've been seeing all of your life starting at age 16. And yes, they took your eggs, and yes that little girl that mimicked, behaved and looked just like you that day you saw her at a grocery store was one of the hybrids they created of you from one of your eggs," said Jane knowing that Ruby would find this fascinating even though Ruby already knew some of this all along.

"Alright Mom! I'm going to spend the day reading the book. I'm going to visit with you first. I know you want to give me a homemade cake. And I want to say hello to Dad too anyway," said Ruby while hanging up the phone to get dressed to go over to visit with them.

         After Ruby visited with her parents, she went right home to sit and read her Mother's book. She became highly absorbed in the book and read it until late at night until she finished reading it in one sitting. She was amazed and was fascinated about what she read about the e.t.'s. After she went to bed for the night, they visited her. Now she understood so much more about them and was even more happy to be involved with them.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2196185