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by Delia
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What does over-analyzing do?
Do you over-analyze things?

This was the question I asked four people, and they all said yes. Their answer did not surprise me but I was hoping someone would say no. I overanalyzed many things in my life, making things complicated. My depiction of those who over-analyze is a tornado with questions marks constantly hovering over their heads. If others had a visual of what was happening in your head, they would see the chaotic image of the tornado. Analyzing options, individuals, and situations are part of daily living. It is beneficial to have information to help make good choices. Asking questions and studying whether this occurs at work, in a classroom, or in relationships help expand our understanding. This reminds me of something I read in a book my nephew let me borrow. An inventors’ curiosity of how things work and how to bring an idea into existence inspires them to analyze different situations. Prior to getting a solid answer or inventing a product, they asked questions, observed, and studied. When some analyzes a problem, a person, a situation, they want to discover or understand something not fully known. The book gives information concerning Nikola Tesla. He was a curious and creative individual. When a demonstration of how a fire pump works failed, he wanted to know what caused the malfunction. I imagine one of his questions was why is there no water coming out. Since no water was pumping out, something was blocking the water flow but what. The pump was bent, preventing water from passing past that point. His curiosity led him to analyze and find the answer to the problem. This is an example of how analyzing works to find an answer to a problem.

Have you analyzed a particular problem or situation to better understand how to handle it or understand how it will affect you? Studying a situation is beneficial to make an informed decision. Daily we analyze and decide between several options. What happens when analyzing shifts to over-analyzing? When this happens, you have moved from a normal zone to an unhealthy area causing problems in our daily life. Over analyzing is a serious issue for some people.

The results of over-analyzing

Why people over-analyze?
Fear- Second-guessing your decision after making it because the future is unknown

Insecurity/Acceptance- Repeating conversations you had with others and cringe because of how you think you portrayed yourself

Being in Control- Everything has to end a certain way. If they don’t you think of scenarios and solutions to what could happen

The Responsibility some people have -Debating over which is the best the decision and how that will affect you and others

What are the problems?

Living with this way of thinking deprives us of many things. It strips away your peace. And in the place of peace, you will find anxiety, fear, frustration, worry, and distrust. Debating over making the correct decision (s) represents fear of the inability to handle uncontrolled events or not desiring to face unpleasant outcomes. Overthinking and second-guessing your decisions shows fear of failure and wanting to be in control. Wanting to know everything to make a perfect decision steps into playing God in our lives. Only He is omniscient. Insecurities of how others view us shows a desire for acceptance beyond what is normal. Quick assumptions based on limited information robs people of complete understanding and can build distrust of people. Imagining scenarios brings unneeded stress because it is not real but we have played it over in our mind that we expect the scenario to happen. Over-analyzing affects our lives negatively and can show in our health and relationships.

How we view God affects our thinking. God understands our concerns and throughout the bible gives us words of encouragement to lift us up in our time of need. But sometimes we overlook His ability to help and we attempt to make things right by ourselves. In Luke 12:24, Jesus speaks to his disciples of worries which could develop and encourages that he will take care of their needs. Since he uses the word worry three times, I believe this was a strong concern for his disciples. Strong's concordance defines worry as being "divided, distracted." This is the perfect representation of what over-analyzing does to a person. Your thoughts consume you, obstructing any concentration not having to do with the particular issue/situation/ circumstance that concerns you. Jesus' concern and words are encouraging how he cares for those things that have no soul or eternal destiny. How much more is your significance than those?

What to do

Fear has no place in your life. Believe and know that God cares for you. Don't overthink a decision. I am not saying don't seek counsel, don't pray, or don't gather information to help in your decision making. Once you have done what is normal within your ability, trust God to help if you make a mistake.

Accept who you are and whose you are-a Child of God. If something in your character needs to change, God will show you and help you. The change will result because God desires it and you want the same thing. It will not result from wanting to please others.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for certain things in life. But you cannot control the outcome of everything you will experience in life. Please don’t be a god in your life. You are not omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent.

The concern of how your decisions affect others is a sign of a good leader. God will guide in your decisions making because your desire is not mostly self-motivated but the wellbeing of others.

Believe and know that cares for you and will help you in every situation. Learn to trust Him and you will be less stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Gigliotti, Jim, Who was Nikola Tesla? Scholastic Inc., 2018.
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