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Giantess Story About Overwatch. Giantess: Hana, Zarya
“This is so unfair! I don't get it!” Hana said, walking thought the halls of the Switzerland base of Overwatch. The battle with Talon is over, a week in the biggest threat to the world is gone, and turned into property for Overwatch members. When Hana first heard that they were shrinking Talon Top Operatives down to size and letting members keep, she of course was the first to sign up. Really excited she was, but after some talking with Winston and Pharah she wasn't given the chance. They told her she was ‘Too Immature’ to keep one by herself and only let her have one with an exception. She had to share, and she wasn't happy. “Its like i just got Teamkilled! How unfair! Making me share! And with the one girl in Overwatch that i have literally nothing in common with”

“I know... what a foolish choice. if it was up to me Hana id give you as much as you want. Your responsible enough”

“See! Even one of the bad guys think that... or girls i guess”

Sombra just shrugged her shoulders. Right now she was sitting down in the palm of Hana as she walked to her room. Of course she didn't want to get shrunken and its been terrible ever since then. But she makes the best of a bad situation always. And right now to make the best out of her situation she's got to be nice to Hana.

After looking through the info for Overwatch, she didn't hate the streamer. In fact she found that if they were on the same side, they could get along well.

And this is as close as same side as they were gonna get.

Hana walked into her room and dropped Sombra onto her bed. looking around Sombra noted the messiness of the girl. “Well you've made it... Homey for me”

“Right sorry, ill... I don't know make a bed for you later. Right now I'm mad, which means its time for me to get online and own some Noobs” Hana turned on her controller, her Tv and her system and sat down onto the bed. Normally she plays on PC, but she needs to look over Sombra. Doesn't really matter though, she's amazing no matter what she's using. “Come over here, sit on my lap”

Hearing this Sombra did just that. Walking up to the giant Korean’s thigh. She had her tight suit on so that gave Sombra plenty to work with as climbed aboard. Getting on top she rested there. Sitting down and putting her back against Hana’s stomach.

“You seem... oddly okay with this. Whats the matter, lost the fight. I remember when you were bigger you would constantly try to get away and hack our devices. I thought you would hate being small? What gives?” Hana asked.

“Well i suppose its better then Prison” Sombra answered back “The amount of people I've stabbed in the back, i would defiantly be stabbed myself. Also I'm gonna get a good bed, good food, good entertainment. All my crimes ignored plus, i still can Hack”

And to demonstrate this, she brought up her hack screen, which was scaled wont o her size. Since they couldn't really pull it out of her spine without her messing with their systems. They had to do her shrinking isolated with no technology.

“Hey! What are you doing. You better not hack any-”

“Relax, I'm not gonna mess with your systems or your profile” Sombra said as she then formed something right in front of her. Buttons and a pad among her Hack wall “Can i play too?”

“Wha... Yeah totally!” Hana said as she could tell Sombra made a controller. Sombra smiling as she is seeing how easily she got on her good side.


“Yes! Thats game winning kill! GG, Get Wrecked!” Hana said putting her controller to the side and celebrating “What is that, 4-0.”

“Good thing i didn't bet on this game” The Mexican woman said “I suppose thats what happens when i go head to head with a professional gamer”

“Ehh, you didn't do too bad. With some practice maybe you can make it a close match...maybe” Hana said as she reached down for Sombra. Closing her hack she lets herself get lifted up right to her face “But i think I'm done. As much fun it is shooting your head off over and over again, i think I'm ready to destroy a whole team”

“And i have no doubt you will. So what can i do for you?”

“Well I'm glad you asked” Hana said happy she wasn't the one that had to bring it up. Smiling down at her she leaned forward. Dropping her onto the floor as Sombra was let go.

For a second Sombra saw the chance to escape as Hana’s attention left her. She could escape, but she won't. Better to be a pet in her care then a rodent under her foot. She watched up as Hana pulled on her boot as it was obvious what she has to. Something she didn't want to happen. Maybe she should run”

“Okay Sombra, what i want you to do while I'm getting my K/D up. I want you to rub my feet” Just as she did that she pulled her foot out. placing it down in right in front of Sombra as the Mexican woman backed up.

“Oh Hana, that smells bad”

“Yeah, i know. Sorry” She said to her while pulling out the other one “but hey, if you do it for me ill get you some food and drinks. How about that for a deal”

She sighed “I did not believe i wouldn't have to earn my keep, but I suppose its what i get. Ill get to work, you just enjoy and play”

“Oh thanks Sombra! Your the best!” Hana cheered as she changed her sight from her feet to the game. Both of them placed she went into Matchmaker and quickly found a game “I don't feel any rubbing”

Sombra down below sighed again as she figured she should get it done. Walking close to Hana’s once petite feet and get to work. Putting her hands on the soft sole and pushing it up and down. She wasn't the strongest so it wasn't the greatest foot rub that could happen. The size didn't help her case either. But Sombra figured she didn't have to do that great a job. She was suppose to do a background foot rub. She's just got to make sure Hana can feel it and make sure to work on both of her soles, and the ten toes as well.

This continued on for about fifteen more minutes, getting to work as she casually did her job. All she could hear was the gunshots from the Tv and Hana passionately into the game. Shouting back at the Tv as Hana did what only a child would.

Still a child Sombra can easily take care of, which she was about to as well. Taking a step back as she stood at attention. Looking up at the gamer with her arms together.

Hana noticed this, but because she was playing she couldn't take her eyes off and scold her. With her eyes still on she asked Sombra “Why did you stop, we still have plenty of time”

“We do, and as much as i would love to continue Hana i don't think i can” Sombra said.

“Okay... ill bite. Whys that?” Hana said as she was confused.

“Well I'm too weak frankly. I haven't eaten for a while and I'm really thirsty. Im sorry that i can't do anymore and be anymore of a help” Sombra said, putting in some fake emotion at the end

“No its fine just... Wait there till I'm finished with the game” Hana said as Sombra did just that. Seems like she got out of the job, which was her plan. As soon as Hana finished the game she reached down and grabbed Sombra. leaving the lobby so a game doesn't Que up until she's ready. Getting up she carried Sombra over to a desk “If you were really so hungry you should of said something, i don't want to starve”

“Oh sorry but i didn't want to trouble you. Im here for you, not the other way around” Sombra said as Hana shook her head.

“Don't be stupid” Hana replied going to her bed and grabbing something underneath. Once in hand she walked back and Sombra could see what it was. A bag of Dorito Chips and a Bottle of Mountain Dew. Suppose she is a gamer”

“They don't want me to have these, isn't fit for a silver they keep saying. So i snuck it in” Hana said opening the chips and laying it down. She then uncapped the drink and poured it into the lid. Placing it down as she leaves “There you go. Im gonna keep playing. You get your energy back, those two are good for that”

As Hana sat back at her bed, Sombra looked over at what she was given. She would rather something else, but she will take what she can get. Plus the false kindness she's been delivering needs her to snack.

Since she isn't really thirsty, she went over inside the bag of chips. Walking inside and grabbing a chip, breaking it off as her whole hand got covered by the cheese. Disgusting, but it it the only food she's got. She broke off a narrow piece and ate it. She couldn't see Hana at this point but she could hear all the shouting. Since she's not being seen, she brought out her Hack Wall and decided to see what she can do. Due to being so close to Overwatch systems and not being watched, she easily had the time and skill to hack into their systems.

Its always good to have knowledge and leverage, and Overwatch secrets was good leverage. Getting to work she got what she can. From potential Members of Overwatch to secrets to frankly whatever she could get her hands on. She stored it within her systems and hid it. Then quickly getting rid of any chance she was there, well of course after deciding to find out where all her allies ended up to.

“Lets see, Amalie is with... Oh that would be fun. Doomfist is with... thats boring. Gabs is with... Oh a old friend. Moira is with... oh she would hate that!” Well its good to know. And with that Sombra stopped and continued eating.

And perfect time as well as Hana came back closer “Sombra, where are you!”

“In here Hana, just grabbing some food” She said back as Hana laughed. She then reached in and grabbed Sombra and the food. Holding each in the hands as she placed them outside “Uh... Thanks”

“Your welcome, I'm done gaming by the way. I was wondering if we can have a little fun. You know since its almost time for you to get taken”

“Right. Id much rather stay with you” Sombra said manipulating and slightly being honest “But lets not think about that, what kind of fun”

“Glad you asked” She answered back “Finsih the food first though, you need all your energy for what I'm coming up with”

Sombra realised that didn't bode well, but followed orders. Energy drinks is what she need. So she went away from the chip and went to the cap of Mountain Dew. Drinking it by cupping her hands.

After a while she turned and finished drinking. Given Hana the thumbs up as she got to work. Hana zipped up the food and closed off the drink. Wanting to save them for later.

“Okay, heres the plan” Hana said as she moved back her seat. Getting further away and just in reach. Just in reach as she put her foot on the table “I want you, to climb me”

“Seems simple enough, is that it?” Sombra questioned

“Well it is until you get to me, now come on!”

With Hana excited, Sombra did just that. Like she did with her thigh she got to the edge and climbed up on top. Getting to the top of her foo and standing right on her arch. Once she reached the top she quickly moved. Arriving on her tight suit and walking across. Hana watched with happiness as she waked across her leg like a bridge. walking from her ankles to her knee and onto her thigh. The cute little Mexican getting closer as she moves. Hana’s always been on the petite size. Being the smallest on Overwatch and having the skinniest frame. Still having Sombra, made her feel the opposite. It made her feel huge, it made her feel gigantic and most importantly, it made her feel powerful. If she wanted to, she could easily crush her under her foot. Just a simple step would be enough and she would get rid of the little hacker. Of course she's not gonna do that, but just having that option made Hana smile.

Speaking of which, Sombra has reached her waist. She was currently standing on her hip as she slid down the curves of the girl. Going down to her stomach as she kept moving. It was like a room to her and it had enough room. “There, i moved across your legs?”

“Its not that simple. You still haven't moved past my favourite level. Right here” She said pointing to her chest.

Sombra sighed and listened. Getting to work as she moved up her body. Scaling it as it was a lot harder. When she finally got to the push that as her breasts, she had to climb up the suit. Vertically basically as she gets on top. On the vantage point she could see Hana’s smiling face.

“The biggest pair I've seen” Sombra said “You should be proud”

“Now for the real fun” Hana said out loud “You better get a good grip” Sombra’s eyes wide as she heard this. A little frightened herself she grabbed the suit as Hana did the one thing Sombra didn't expect. She got up.

Standing up on the ground as the whole world moved. going vertical as she was like hanging onto a mountain. Hana loving the look of an older woman gripping onto her breasts for her life. Of course she would catch her but still.

With a little fun she started jumping up and down, toying with Sombra. Hana’s laughter from above being able to be heard as she was really having fun. She did everything she could think of to mess with Sombra. Spinning, jumping, waving her body around. Sombra and a good grip though as she wasn't falling. Hana was determined to make her though.

At leasts she would if her door didn't open up. Sombra could only watch with awe as a bigger girl came in. Bigger then and bigger then Hana.

Then with a thick Russian voice she spoke “Hana, it is my turn now”

It was Zarya, which was not good for Sombra.

The Russian liked into the room as she caught Hana standing and the Mexican on her breast “Why is she on your tit?”

“Because we were having fun” Hana said facing her “And we would like to finish before you get her”

“No finish” She said as she walked up to Hana, no doubt intimidating the little girl with all her muscles and her size “Give her now, you must”

“What! Oh this is exactly why i was angry! Its not fair! Tracer gets hers all to herself and i have to share”

“yes, Bummer indeed. Now give her” Zarya said to the little girl. To say these two were complete opposites would be an understatement.

“Hana, its fine” Sombra said thinking she should step in “Ill be back soon, i promise”

Hana looked down to Sombra who was clinging to her, looking down as she said “You better promise” Hana then grabbed her and dropped her into the strong hand of the Russian. Once she was dropped off Hana added “If you do anything bad to her you'll pay”

“How will you make me pay, with your weak body” Zarya said laughing it off, turning around leaving the room “Ill do what i want, and you can do nothing about it”

Zarya then carried Sombra out of the room and down the room. Looking up at the powerful Russian Zarya, Sombra decided to see if she can manipulate “Big muscles, you work out”

“Shut up” Zarya said simply, not even looking down at her.

“Geez, i was just trying to make conversation” Sombra said as she crossed her arms. This Russian won't be as easy as Hana. As Zarya walked through the building, she arrived at the one spot she wanted to. The Gym?

“Uh... what are we doing here?” Sombra said a bit confused why she was carried to the Overwatch Gym.

“I said shut up” Was all Zarya said as she kept walking inside. Walking to the machines as Sombra decided to keep talking.

“Makes sense, with that body you would have to be quite the Gym Rat. I suppose your here to-”

She got cut off as Zarya’s wrapped her fist around her. Grabbing her and covering her with her hand “I said shut up”

Sombra felt herself get squished in between hard as she was not having fun. Zarya was strong and she obviously didn't care about the little hacker.

She didn't get squeezed for long though, as she felt herself drop onto a mat. Landing down she looked around to see Sombra laying on her back. The giant Russian looking to her.

“I don't want to see you move, talk or anything while I'm doing Sit Ups. Understand me”

“Uh... yeah” She said as it was the only answer she could give. Sombra watched as she did Sit Ups. She wasn't allowed to talk so she quickly thought about how to get on her side. Thinking hard about it as she think she's got it.

When Zarya finished doing Sit Ups in fifteen minutes she moved. Grabbing Sombra hard and moving onto the next thing. Push Ups. Placing her in front of her big meaty hands she started going up and down.

“May i ask you something?” Sombra said chiming in

“I told you not to talk!” Zarya said angry.

“You told me not to talk while you were doing Sit Ups” Sombra chimed in as well as she got a look from the Russian “I hope you don't mind but can i ask you something?”


“Please, just one little thing and ill be quiet”

“...Fine” She said finally giving in.

“Do you like being big?”


“Do you like being big. Cause your really big to me. Like a powerful goddess to me. Even more powerful then Hana”

“Yes i like being big, now be quiet”

“Will do, powerful goddess?” Sombra said with a bow as she waited, waited for Zarya to repeat


“I hope its not to much, I'm just saying what you are. A goddess”

“Stop that! Stop getting on my good side!” Zarya said knowing whats happening. But not very happy about it. Sombra just laughed as the powerful girl blushed.

She had her tripped over right now, and Zarya didn't like that. Standing up and stomping her foot down in front of Sombra “I know what your doing! Now you will pay”

“Pay?” Sombra asked a bit surprised.

“You will not trick me like you did with the Korean. Your a Talon Terrorist. Your a bad guy! You don't deserve mercy. Now come along, and lick my toe”

“What?” Sombra said as her eyes went wide

“Lick my toe, or you will pay worse” Zarya said as Sombra was at a crossroads. Thats... thats so degrading to her. She can't actually lick this girls toe, can she. Sure she likes manipulating but she also likes not licking toes”

“Perhaps you need reason” Zarya said wickedly as she raised her foot up, then brought it down. Not as hard this time as she brought her foot down and placed it down onto Sombra. Pinning the Mexican hacker down on her back as the Russian rested her foot on her. Her toes right in front of her face. She then pushed it down and caused Sombra to scream a bit “Now. Lick”

Sombra was ready to scream at her, but stopped knowing that it would only make her seem weaker. She’s okay with playing the part and bowing down, but not actually being the part. She can't lick her sweaty toe, but she knows that the toe won't get off her until she does.

“Lick! Now!” Zarya said ordering as she puts down more pressure. Sombra had to listen now, as she brought out her tongue and wiped it across the sweaty dirty toe. Zarya smiling as she felt the tongue go across. The first smile she's gotten since she grabbed Sombra.

While Sombra was in the worst scenario she's been in since she's shrunk. The toes were sweaty and that sweat was salty. Something she did not like. She was forced to lick it though as Zarya lifted up the pressure, and after a couple more licks she lifted her foot. Stepping aside and looking down to Sombra “Still want to suck up to my goddess”

“Rather not at this point” She said as she was cleaning her tongue out, getting taste away as she looked up to her “That was kind of harsh. I was just trying to be nice”

“No you were trying to manipulate me” Zarya said crossing her arms “And unless you want to keep licking my toe, you should stop”

Sombra realised this woman was not gonna be manipulated so she went a different route “Fine, you do your workout. Ill wait here”

Zarya smiled triumphantly as she did just that. For the next hour she got to work, doing every workout. From finishing her Pullups, then jogging on the treadmills. Lifting some weights up from the ground. Each time carrying Sombra with her as she waits around.

It kept going until Zarya got to the final machine, a riding bike. Good leg work out and something Zarya wasn't going to miss out. She was going to just sit on it normally and finish. The seat itself wasn't comfy and she wasn't looking forward to it. However she stops, as she then looked at Sombra within her hand.

“I... i have an idea. How would you like to please your... goddess...”

Sombra didn't get an actual choice as she moved her hand around and placed her down onto the bicycle seat. Laying down Sombra tried to find a way out, but their was none. Sombra panicked as she saw the giant Russian turn around. Then lifting her leg over one side of the bike as she stepped onto both of the pedals. Lifting up her ass over the tiny girl as she panicked

“Wait! Don't!!” Sombra “Don't sit on me!”

“This will teach you not to mess with me” Zarya said being rude and honest. A part of herself honestly looking forward to this. Zarya smiled as she brought her ass down and pinned her under the massive and powerful rear.

Sombra could do literally nothing as she was under her, pinned to the seat under the bodybuilders powerful rear. She tries to fight it off but she was far to weak. She couldn't even say anything witty right now!~

Zarya sat down on the seat, smiling to herself as she felt good right now. needless to say she's gonna leave her there for the entire ride. And because the tiny Mexican girl was hating this, the giant Russian woman was loving it.

Zarya turned on the machine and started to pedals. ready to get her sweat on.


Its been hell for Sombra, she just wants to die at this point. Every time the giant Russian shifted her ass left and right, Sombra was forced to be in more pain. And this happened for about fifty minutes. No other workout took this long so Sombra knew exactly why Zarya was taking so long.

After a while she did get up, stopping the machine and getting up from the seat. Standing up and taking a drink of water, she looked down to Sombra. Sombra was wet from the sweat, her hair a mess and her body bruised. Something Zarya laughed at.

“So weak and puny” She mocked as she grabbed her roughly Lifting her from the seat and walking away from the gym “Still, you make a good seat”

Sombra didn't respond, instead just let her body rest up right now. Zarya kept walking until finally she arrived at her own room. Walking inside and dropping Sombra onto the bed. Looking around the room was dark, with a bunch of Russian posters with bodybuilders.

“Stand up” Zarya ordered as Sombra reluctantly listened “I bet you want me to treat you nice, don't you. You want me to treat you like a little baby or like a little doll”

“It... would be preferred”

“Well I'm not. Im treating you the way you deserved to be treated, like a little nuisance” Zarya said “I will punish you for your past deeds and you will become a new person under me”

“Under your care?” Sombra questioned

“Under me!” She repeated down as she made it clear “Now, You stink, you need shower” Zarya said as she once again grabbed her. Grabbing the Mexican Woman and walking away. She entered her room’s personal bathroom and dropped her down into the sink. Sombra slipping down as she was right the faucet

“Oh no” Sombra said as she knew what was coming. And it came.

Zarya turned the knobs and water starting coming down. As soon as it hit her it made her shiver as it was all cold water. Her clothes getting wet as she was drenched in cold water. It got even worse when Zarya brought her arm in and grabbed her. Lifting Sombra up from the sink and dropped her to the side “Take off your clothes!”

Sombra eyes went wide as she looked at her “Do... Do i have to?”

“Yes! Take your clothes off!” Zarya said to her yelling loudly. Sombra sighed as she had to do this. Taken off her coat, and all of her clothes. She stripped down into her underwear but that was enough “All... Of your clothes.”

Looking at the russian she once again listened. Taking off her underwear until she was naked. Naked and humiliated. Zarya smiled as she grabbed a hand towel and brought it to her Rubbing Sombra’s body over and over with the towel as she dried her off. Sombra felt like she was getting violated right now.

It ended after a while and Sombra was left naked. Zarya didn't let it change her in anyway as she got grabbed. Lifted from the sink and back into the room. She then dropped her onto the pillow as Sombra hit roughly. Zarya then moved onto the bed, grabbed her phone and set it sideways.

“You be quiet” Zarya ordered “I will be looking at videos. Don't say anything, don't move and don't annoy me”

“Right” Sombra said as she sat down on her knees, right in front of Zarya as she waited. Zarya then started to listen to some russian news channel as she was forced to sit down.

If she would compare her initial time with hana to her initial time with Zarya, it was obvious which one she liked more. One was young, nice and easily manipulatable. The other being rough, mean and hates Sombra with a passion. What this Russian was doing was hardly Hero Like, but she was forced to obey and listen. The best she can do is cooperate with Zarya and actually do stuff with Hana.

Sombra waited patiently for an hour, until Finally Zarya grabbed her. Shocking the woman “I don't need you right now. You will go to Hana”

Inside, Sombra was cheering happy about that. Zarya grabbed her and went to the Korean’s room. Walking inside and grabbing her opening the door. Hana was of course playing a game on the Pc this time.

“She's yours for now” Zarya said simply tossing her onto the bed. Sombra hit hard and saw the door close. Thankfully Zarya was down with her now. However she was not done herself, as Hana quick jumped on the bed. She saw the giant Korean smiling down at her from ear to ear.

“Sombra! Your back! And your... Naked?” She questioned as she reached down and grabbed her. Lifting her up to her face and shocked “What did Zarya do to you?”

“Nothing i want to share honestly” Sombra said “But I'm with you Hana, and thats all that matters”

“That is all that matters” Hana said as she held her against the chest. Holding her close and crossing her hands over her. Sombra once again hugged to the chest “Im glad your back, and I'm guessing after your time with Zarya your happy to be back”

“I am” Sombra said as she held back. Hana feeling this and trying not to squeal. Suddenly Hana let her hands go and Sombra found herself hanging onto the breasts that she was hanging onto before. Looking up Hana was smiling down at her.

“Well, now that your back. i think we should pick up where we left off. Your in the same position funny enough, only this time though... theres a lot more to see” Hana teased as Sombra’s day wasn't finshed.

Still, she's with Hana. And she's better then Zarya. Maybe with her help, she can convince the other for Hana to look after her full time and get Zarya someone else
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