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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2196282
Kayla gets a chance to prank the F.F.C.N snobs with help from Audrey. Will they succeed?

Two days came and went with Kayla still studying the group. Each day she entered the building with the same uniform and today was no different: the same grey tank top so short that it left her chubby belly hanging over the same tight blue jeans and the same dark green beanie. As she walked in, she saw Audrey waving at her. Smiling, Kayla waved back and headed to her. Audrey made her feel like a part of the group.

"Good evening everyone!" started Erika. "Tonight we strike! A stink bomb will be planted in their meeting house! The honors will be done by our seasoned member Audrey and our newest member Kayla!" She gestured to the two women she named. Kayla's eyes widened in excitement at the prospect of getting back at those bullies, she hadn't done it since high school.

9:00 PM
Kayla saw Audrey standing outside the F.F.C.N. house, surprised to see it looked more like a manor. Oh great, our rivals are snobs. "Hey Au-" she started only to be hand gagged and shushed.

"We'll have to be very quiet." Audrey whispered and started creeping to the back door.

"But...I'd thought the house would be empty," protested Kayla quietly as she followed suit.

"No, they always have someone here, and right now, they're in the living room, having a meeting, so we can't make too much noise," explained Audrey as she picked the lock, "God help us if they catch us." She managed to get the door open and motioned Kayla, who was starting to have second thoughts, to follow her.

What the hell did I get myself into? Kayla gulped mentally. The two snuck into the kitchen and closed the door slowly. Audrey held up the bag containing the stink bomb.

"Ok, I need you to watch the living room while I go upstairs and plant the prank." Audrey went up the stairs behind a door, leaving Kayla to observe the kitchen. Aside from the door leading to the staircase, it was small with a large cupboard under the sink and a circular table in the middle of the room. She snuck over to the open doorway, leaned into the hallway, her gut spilling out over her right side, and saw four women in their twenties conversing in the living room.

"Alright ladies," said Cecily Isaacs, a 27 year old, long black haired woman, "be right back with more wine." Kayla jumped and bolted to the sink in a panic. She couldn't abandon Audrey but where could she hide on such short notice? Opening the cupboard beneath the sink, she felt relieved to find it empty and shoved herself in. There was enough room for her in the back, so she sat down with her legs split so she could have more room to lay back, her jeans pressing up her belly, making it seem rounder.

"Now where did I leave that bottle?" she heard Cecily ask herself. Kayla pulled her beanie down over eyes and began trembling frightfully, afraid of being found. The cupboard doors swung open and Kayla lifted her beanie up to see a pair of legs standing in front of her. "Maybe it's in here," said Cecily; her slightly slurred speech led Kayla to believe that she was drunk. Just then, a hand with sharp, pink nails reached into the cupboard, grabbing empty air. She's not even looking where she's grabbing! thought Kayla worriedly. The hand began making its way closer to Kayla's fully exposed belly as it groped the air.

Kayla began to suck in her plump, trembling belly away from the sharp nails, her mouth and eyes growing wider as it neared. Kayla kept inhaling her fat stomach away from the approaching nails. Her belly had gone from plump and round to viciously pulled in and concave. As the hand moved closer, Kayla tried to suck in her belly more, but she was at her breaking point. The good news was that the hand stopped moving. The bad news was that it continued to grasp the air dangerously close to her fully concave belly. Kayla prayed that it would go away, it felt like her stomach muscles were starting to give way. Thankfully, the hand moved back.

"Guess it wasn't there..." said Cecily. She slammed the door shut, startling Kayla into letting her belly out into its plump form. After hearing the footsteps fade, she opened the door and peaked out, seeing the coast clear. She clambered out of the cupboard still shaking. The shaking stopped when she saw Audrey coming down the stairs.

"Ok, the bomb is planted, let's go," she said and opened the door. Kayla made to follow her, suddenly felt something yank on the back of her shirt, pull her backwards and cover her mouth, this rendering her cries to Audrey muffled. Once the door was closed, her captor, Lula Hayward, brought her into the living room, holding her by the nap of her short, small shirt.

"Look wha' I found 'ere," Lula said in her Cockney accent. Cecily got up and looked at Kayla up and down.

"I recognize that shirt," she said, "you're a new W.F.C.N member, aren't you?" Whimpering and her heart pounding rapidly again, Kayla nodded.

Lula pulled out a switchblade. "You wont me to take care o' this?" she asked as she opened it. Kayla watched as the blade shot out and lightly poked her bare tummy. The steel felt cold, like it had been taken out of a freezer, so Kayla gasped her belly in. Unfortunately, that only made Lula jab the tip at her gut, forcing Kayla to suck her quivering belly in farther.

"Mmmm, I don't know," pondered Cecily.

"I could take all o' 'er insides out!" taunte Lula as she pressed the tip into Kayla's inhaled belly. That was all it took for Kayla to feel that it was so sharp that all Lula had to do was push. Her teeth chattering, Kayla shut her eyes, waiting for the painful sting until Cecily spoke up.

"No that's ok," she said. Lula pulled the knife away, but still held the tank top, allowing Kayla to let her belly hang out. Cecily then approached the frightened captive. "Now why are you here?" Kayla could only whimper, still shaking from Lula nearly piercing her belly. Cecily sighed. "Lula, bring your knife in until I say stop." Lula obliged, and Kayla pulled her gut in slightly before Cecily spoke, "stop. Now I ask you again: what are you doing here?"

Not eager to go through what she did in the cupboard a second time, Kayla stuttered out, "w-w-we were s-s-sent here to plant a s-stink bomb."

Cecily approached her and leaned in close. "Where did you plant it?"

Kayla whimpered. "I didn't. Audrey went upstairs while I hid in the cupboard."

Cecily's eyes widened slightly, then she placed a hand on her forehead. "Of course, the one saboteur we take prisoner and she knows next to nothing." She breathed heavily for a moment then said, "your tank top is now a gag."

"Wha-" was all Kayla could say when she felt herself slide out of her shirt on to the floor. Before she knew what to expect, it was stuffed into her mouth and held there by Lula.

"Now, I'm letting you go for the time being," explained Cecily, "but that doesn't mean that you won't be here again. Do you understand?"

"Mmhmm," mumbled Kayla, feeling scared of what would happen now that her entire midriff was on display and the only thing on her upper body was her bra.

"When you leave here, you won't ungag yourself until you reach your home. Understand?"


"Finally, I shall send for you and you will do exactly as I say," Cecily made a fist, extended her index finger, and reached out to Kayla's chubby gut, "or you'll end up as the place I put the kettle on after it's done boiling water. Understood?"

Kayla sucked in her belly to keep Cecily from piercing her navel. "Pmmmfmmm Mmmm."

"Good. Tape her hands, Lula."

"Hmm?!" Kayla suddenly felt her hands behind her back and secured by the sticky stuff. She grunted as she pulled at the bond, straining as she tried to free her hands.

Cecily laughed and said, "You can try, but you'll never get lose. That's a new product of ours, one of the strongest brands there is. You can pull it lose, but it can hold several pipes. Lula, be a dear and show our-" she giggled "-guest the door."

"Righto boss!" With that, the Cockney girl dragged the taped and gagged prisoner to the door, threw it open, and shoved poor Kayla out. "Don't spit out yer clothing, see?!" yelled Lula and she retreated back into the manor.

All Kayla could do was walk back to W.F.C.N. HQ and hope that her plump belly would survive.

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