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by Monty
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Were they left there

Your wings hang in the corner
Covered by the dust of time.
Once were on your shoulders,
But now there is no sign.

The thoughtful acts and feelings
With love you used to show
Vanished sometime in the past,
As in springtime does the snow.

Wasn’t I the fool, not knowing,
When you put those wings away?
Thinking they were part of you,
Where rested, would always stay.

I’d like to see those wings again,
But I can’t afford the cost.
You broke my heart completely,
Your Angel wings were lost.

When did you stop loving me?
Did you ever really care?
Were they ever worn for me,
Or never really there?

Still, when I open the closet door,
And in the corner see a glow,
I know I’ve asked a question,
That only you may know.

24 lines.


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