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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2196322
A fantasy story about a mermaid with a tail of gold...
In the edge of the water somewhere on the beach, there lies a mermaid whose tail shines of sparkling gold, her tail glistening in the summer sunlight…
Every morning, the golden mermaid rises out of the water and lies on the sand of the beach, relaxed and at peace, seeing the sunrise above the clouds and up into the sky. The golden mermaid has made this ritual to climb out of the water every morning and to watch the early sunrise. She has loved this sort of thing because after all, she happens to be a lover of all things nature.

Then the golden mermaid would return to the ocean and would swim and dance with her find without a care in the world. What a most wonderful way to live: As a mermaid filled with joy, happiness, and peace.
The next morning, the golden mermaid came out of the ocean again, but this time, she did not see the sunrise; all she could ever see are dark clouds hovering over the horizon. Then a flash of lightning appeared, frightening the golden mermaid, thus returning her to the ocean in which she came out of. She then became puzzled and started to wonder what all of this means...all of a sudden, a voice from the sky explained this to her…
The voice from the sky began: "Oh, lovely golden mermaid, you have a whole lot to learn yet! The dark clouds that form that great storm in the sky represent the fact that there are problems in this world right now: Problems such as bigotry, hate, crime, dysfunctional people, dysfunctional politicians, sexual immorality, and even war. But take heart, my dear friend...There is that sunrise in which you see almost every early morning, and that sunrise will come out again. But for the sunrise to come out again, we must all work together to make this world a much better place, a place filled with peace, love, joy, and happiness. If we work together to try and solve the problems that have been started in the very first place, then it would be the very first step in making life in this world a whole lot better again."

The golden mermaid began to grin, feeling relieved, and then began to wait a while for the sunrise to come out again...But all of a sudden, she fell asleep.
The golden mermaid then woke up and began to realize that she may have missed the sunrise, so she swam back up out of the ocean, and then...She finally DID see that sunrise very early in the morning. The golden mermaid had never seen a more beautiful sunrise than the ones she had seen in previous days; and yes, the sunrise shall always be a symbol of the hope that we have for much better things in the future.

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