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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2196356
Kayla is abducted by the W.F.C.N. Does she escape?

Audrey felt bad for leaving Kayla, but Kayla had forgiven her... after making gallavant around with an apple in her mouth. Still, it had been 3 days and the stink bomb had gone off. It was all over the news about the house having to be evacuated and bug bombed in order to get the smell out. Audrey laughed as she cleaned the plates. It was late and everyone else had gone home after celebrating the victory...for the third time. She didn't mind being alone. What's the worse that could happen? Immediately after she thought that, a door swung open and Chelsea Brewster, the girl that always teased Audrey for her big belly, emerged looking wasted.

"Hey big ole Audrey! Wassup?!" she slurred.

"Chelsea, what are you still doing here?" Audrey asked cautiously.

"Chill out girl, I was just enjoying some, uh...just gonna make some tea." Audrey finally noticed the kettle with the top latched shut and steam coming out of the spout. She tried to run, but Chelsea was surprisingly quick for someone in her state and grabbed her by the back of her shirt, exposing her big fat belly. "Would you like some?" She moved the hot tea pot in front of Audrey's face. Audrey gasped and covered her eyes, lips quivering and teeth chattering. "C'mon, it'll help calm you down," crooned Chelsea and she moved it to Audrey's midriff. Audrey uncovered her left eye to see the steaming pot closing in on her belly. Shaking viciously, Audrey sucked in her belly, her body tensing as she did so. Chelsea continued to move the steaming pot to the poor girl's fat gut. Audrey's belly was fully sucked in and too big to make concave, so she tried backing away.

"Oh ho really?" taunted Chelsea, moving Audrey closer to the pot. Audrey tried to push herself away with her legs, but Chelsea was too strong forcing her the frightened girl to move closer. "I hear it's good for the skin."" Chelsea began to pour. Audrey recovered her left eye. I can't believe it! She's actually going to burn my stomach! Just then, she heard a "GAH JEEZ!" and a clang; she peeked through her fingers and saw Chelsea blowing her hand while the kettle sat on the floor; she had obviously yet accidentally touched a hot part with her hand.

When she finished, she glared at Audrey. "Alright Thompson, you win this one." She let go of Audrey and left, singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Audrey picked herself up, pulled her shirt down over her belly, and stuck her tongue out at Chelsea's back. Just another night, she thought as she went back to cleaning up, although she couldn't help noticing that Chelsea used her last name.

Meanwhile, Kayla was walking back to her dorm room, just reaching the campus. The night air felt refreshing but a little chilly on her belly, which was still hanging out fully exposed due to her uniform. She'd gotten used to it, but still wished her peers would order a bigger one. They probably hadn't because they found it funny letting her belly hang over every day... although Melanie's poke from the first day was the only time she was teased for it. Audrey, on the other hand, was fatter than Kayla, so the others probably found it amusing to watch her try to suck it in. Kayla couldn't help but laugh at the memory of them trying to poke Audrey's belly with a hot spatula during the cookout a couple days ago. She couldn't help laughing then, it was so comedic how Audrey's gut sweated and shivered while trying to avoid a burn... especially considering Audrey was apple gagged at the time. Of course, they'd never actually hurt her, Kayla thought, it's all in good fun... albeit a little cruel.

As she neared her dorm building, she heard rustling in the bushes. She looked towards them too late to see two women, who had jumped out, grab and hand gag her. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" Kayla struggled, her bare tummy bouncing as she fought back, but it was no use. They dragged her far, showing a surprising amount of strength. When Kayla managed to look up, her eyes widened with fear when she saw the F.F.C.N house, and they went even wider when she saw that the woman who answered the door was the leader. The other two dragged her into the room and tossed her onto the couch while Cecily locked the door. What could they possibly want this time thought Kayla as she sat up, looking up.

The leader approached the couch. "Hello new girl. We haven't been properly introduced so let's start over, hm? My name is Cecily, what's yours?"

"K-K-Kayl-la," stammered the prisoner. This time, she got a good look at the woman, noticing that the dark blue dress she was wearing was tight because it well defined a bit of a belly. Cecily wasn't big like Audrey, but chubbier than Kayla, and taller than a few inches. Cecily sat down next to her.

"Kayla, nice to formally meet you." said Cecily. Kayla looked at the Cockney girl called Lula with a chill down her spine, as she recognized Lula as the one that captured her the night before. Lula, either remembering this or reveling in the plump captive's fright, pulled out her switchblade and pointed it at Kayla, licking her lips. Kayla started trembling and immediately looked back at Cecily. "Aw, the poor thing must be scared," she crooned. Her gaze lowered to Kayla's belly, which was jiggling slightly from the poor girl's tremors. "I'll make this quick."

Cecily pushed Kayla onto her back. Temporarily stunned, Kayla couldn't help noticing how towering Cecily was. "After seeing that belly of yours, we figure you must taste delicious!" said Cecily. "See, we eat all what Mother Nature has put on this Earth, and frankly my dear, we've been dying to see what 'Tree Hugger' tastes like." It was then Kayla noticed that Cecily had been salivating. She covered her eyes, shaking intensely, and only uncovering them when Lula spoke.

"Could I 'ave the first bite? I found 'er first !" She said. Cecily removed herself from the couch.

"Very well," said Cecily, "but remember to leave me some."

Lula made her way towards Kayla, who was frozen in fear. She lowered her head towards Kayla's fat gut, opening her mouth to take a bite. Kayla sucked in her belly as fast Lula's inhumanely sharp teeth approached. Her belly shuddered and bounced as she inhaled it. Lula hovered over Kayla's shivering tummy, closing her mouth and licking her lips before opening back up again. Kayla watched with a frightened gaze; all she could do was keep her belly sucked in, trembling and hoping it wouldn't be too painful. Lula was right above her pushed in belly and Kayla knew it was only a matter of time but she couldn't turn away. She watched her belly shiver as it was held in, her chubbier legs quaking, her arms hovering above her eyes as if she was about to cover them, and the rest of her body trembling in fear so much that even her beanie was quivering, with the small pink tuft of hair was wet from sweat.

Kayla was sure that she was near penetration when a crack was heard, coming from outside. Lula's head rose to look at the back door, allowing Kayla to let her belly rise to it's comfortably round form.

"What wos that?" asked Lula.

"I don't know, go check!" yelled Cecily. Lula went, then came back reporting that kids were throwing eggs at the door. Cecily was not too happy about this. "Brewster, tape her wrists."

Kayla jumped as she once again felt her arms pinned behind her back and the same sticky feeling on her mouth was applied to her wrists. Then the women left to deal with the vandals. But Kayla started to ponder, Brewster? She didn't look like Chelsea, but there's something similar about them. Are they sisters or do they coincidentally share the same last name? Kayla suddenly realized that they forgot to tape her legs. She managed to get to her feet without falling over and successfully crept out the door through the kitchen. When she made it home, she tried to find something to remove the tape on her wrists and mouth, with no luck. Although she was forced to spend the night bound and gagged, that didn't stop her from wondering if the F.F.C.N had a mole in the W.F.C.N.
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