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by Paul
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2196380
It just was not correct.

“Hi, this is Ian Morris and I called to ask about my survey. The plot they sent me is wrong.”

“Mr. Morris, we use nothing but the most expensive equipment and software and our surveyors are very experienced.”

“Well, there must be some mistake and one of your very expensive pieces of equipment or very experienced surveyors really screwed up. You have Highway 101 running east-west and it was actually built running north-south. All odd numbered US highways run north-south.”

“Not true! The 680 runs north-south.”

“That’s an Interstate in Oakland, not a US Highway.”

“You're telling me it was built by Foreigners?”

“No, it wa . . . actually, yeah, I’d bet more than half the work force was undocumented labor.”

“Hello, Mr.Morris, hold on a moment...”

“Uncle Phil, you said I could...”

“Shelly, go to lunch.”

“But it’s only 11?”

“Go now please!”

“Yes, sir.”

“Mr. Morris, I’m so sorry. That’s my niece and she’s a little over enthusiastic. You should get the corrected plot today. I apologize, someone? Monkeyed with the plotter controls.”

“No problem. She had me going for a minute though. Your wife’s niece?”


“thought so, I understand family politics.”

“Thank you.”
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