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A Giantess Story About Overwatch. Giantess: Pharah
It was a long day for Pharah, real name Fareeha Amari. Not a day of excitement and adventure, but a day of hard training. Not for her, but for the newest recruits for Helix Security. She's been running them through the toughest and hardest training they've ever received. making sure that they were ready and when the time was right, they could protect along side her. Maybe some could possibly be future Overwatch Heroes in the making.

In nothing but a casual shirt and jeans, she arrived at her home in Giza. Carrying groceries and locking the door. Its been slow since Talon’s defeat, and while other heroes may be getting complacent, Fareeha was already making more heroes. Ready for the next threat, whatever it may be.

She walked into the kitchen area, unloaded the groceries. At this point she would normally turn on the Worldwide news and see what she can find, and possibly help. But as of recently she's had a new responsibility to take care of. Sighing she grabbed a dry cracker from a jar and walked in. 

She was not the fan of the whole Shrinking Talon idea. Thinking they deserved prison at the very least and death at the very most. Still Overwatch overruled her vote and being one of the most responsibly members, she of coursed got nominated to look after one.

Entering into the guest room, she went straight over to the table. Spotting her Talon member. he was currently hanging off the roof of his cage. Pulling himself up as he got his exercise in. Something he cleary did a lot consider the shape his body is in.

The man was Akande Ogundimu. Aka Doomfist. Or at least the last Doomfist before it was taken away from him and he was shrunk. He was dangerous when he was bigger, but at that size he couldn't even break out of the cage. He noticed the giant shadow the Egyptian woman was creating. Dropping down onto the cage floor and cleaning himself up.

“Is it possible to ask for meat” He said turning and facing the giant woman. No fear in his posture or his voice “Just the smallest slice will be enough”

“You'll have what your given” She said bluntly, opening the cage and tossing in the cracker. Doom fist didn't say anything instead just grabbed the cracker and broke off a piece. Fareeha was just about to leave, ignoring him until he needed more food or water however Doomfist spoke up.

“Ill have you know, even the worst prison I've been too still gave me time out of my cell” He spoke up “Ive been trapped in here for days”

“Like i care” She said turning around “Thats your cell, get use to it” And with that she left. Leaving Akande by himself.

For the next couple hours, Fareeha did what she normally did. Cook up a meal, watch the news. Take phone call after phone call from various people. No rest for her life, thats for sure. Its been a couple hours and she's been tired. Resting her head onto her couch she closed her eyes, expecting the next phone call any second. She's got to take the small time she can get to just relax.

“Your cage didn't hold”

Fareeha’s eyes opened as she became concerned. looking around she found the source of the voice. On the ground by her feet was Akande. Arms crossed and looking stern. She wasn't happy, but at least she knew she was in danger. Grabbing him within her hand she got up. Walking back to the cage. Entering in the other room it was just like he said, the cage didn't hold. In fact the bars have bent open and creating a good gap for him to walk through. Frowning very much she walked over back to the couch. Standing over it she dropped him down. Letting the small muscular man free as she glared at him.

“How long have you been able to do that?” She questioned.

“Since the start, i just had no reason to up until now” He answered back “I believe its time that we talk”

“You want to talk, I'm thinking i should grab a glass cup and flip it onto you for what you did” She said “Now I'm gonna have to get a new cage for you and everything”

“Possibly not, if you listen to what i say” He said as Fareeha was at least curious. Grabbing him she lifted him up, sitting on the couch herself she let him stand in her palm.

“Talk” She said as she was still skeptical.

“I need to get this out of the way first” Akande said “Even though we were on opposite sides, and even though you have me now captured like a pet. I having not but respect for you” Hearing this she rose her eyebrow “Im a warrior, as are you. We both seek power and justice to do the right thing. You wanted to protect those that cannot protect themselves, and i wanted to force this world to become stronger through conflict. We both have our goals and we let nothing stand in front of us”

“Where is this going?” She questioned him.

“We are no longer enemies Pharah, clearly not the state that I'm in. Personally i would rather go to prison, and i know you would have rathered send me to one. Since I'm here though, and you are forced to care for me. i believe we can both have an easier life if we cooperate. With our similar beliefs and similar personalities that won't be so hard”

“As much as i hate to admit it... You and I are similar” She said “We both want to make this world stronger”

“It is good to see your not blindly denying the truth”

“However” She said biting her lip “You wanted to drown in it conflict, while i try to get rid of conflict. We may be similar in some regards, but we are different in many others”

“That is true as well” Amande said “And that is why i have my offer. Ive seen you walk around here with many things on your plate, i simply want to take the worry for me off”

“And what are you promising then?” She said listening

“I will be given permission to live not in a cage, but in your home” Akande said “In return i will offer my services in any way i can”

Hearing this, Fareeha needed time to think about it. Akande being more then generous enough to give it. On surface level she shouldn't except it. He deserves to be in cage and a stronger reinforced one should be able to hold him. But there was much more to it then that.

Akande isn't the kind to lie, so that offer is legitimate. And he could really be helpful if she accepts it. “Your a master tactician, having an eye for battle. You also have many connections in the underworld, knowing things any military would kill for. Would you be willing the share these with me if i accept”

“Of course, i would have little use for it now. Im bargaining what i have for what i want”

“You want to escape” She said “Who's to say that if i agree you won't just escape out of the door”

“Because my odds are better with you then others. At least with you i know what kind of woman you are. I escape and my life would be worse. Even a child would be able to overpower me now”

“Thats... true” She said figuring if he was smart he would stay. It took about another minute of her to think about it before finally agreeing.

“I accept your offer” She said, showing that she did as she dropped him onto the couch. Right next to her jeans as she looked down at him “But step out of line, and ill step on you”

“Understood Pharah”

“No” She said jumping in. “If we are really doing this and your showing me your honest pride, i should do the same. My real name is Fareeha Amari”

“Pleasure to meet you then, Fareeha” He said as her phone starting ringing. Rolling her eyes she took it. Talking on the phone about Helix in front of him. Amanda saw this as true trust, knowing that he wouldn't try to escape.

After a while, Fareeha put the phone to the side and sighed “Your lucky, at that size you don't have phones constantly ringing on you”

“A hectic life I'm sure” He said up to her. Walking away and to the corner of the couch, something Fareeha was really confused about “And i wish to help you in anyway i can. I will give you a foot rub”

Hearing this, she did laugh a bit, looking over to the former Talon member as he reached the side “You can't be serious”

“I am” He said “While it may be degrading, i will do what i can to earn my keep and make sure this agreement is beneficial to both of us”

Fareeha looked at him, a doubtful look. Before switching it to a smirk “You are... a curious man Akande.” She then moved around, bringing her butt to one side of the couch and dropping her feet on the other. Akande could see the tan feet of Pharah as they were on their sides, soles pointing right at him “Do you not have a problem with it, your pride that is?”

“Only a fool would care about their own pride” He said grabbing his wrists and cracking it “That alone is enough to show their pride is facade”

“Well spoken” She said as she smiled. Fareeha can't even remember the last time she got a foot rub. She's planning on enjoying it.

Suddenly her phone rings again as she picks it up. Looking at her phone then at the small man at her feet, she made a decision. Turning on the mute and smiling “You may start”

At the order, Akande walked towards the well groomed feet. Being the muscular man he was, lets just say he did a good job against her sole. Pushing into it as his efforts were defiantly felt. Making sure he was doing the best job he could. The tan wall in front of him being pushed by his giant hands.

“Wow” She said as Pharah brought her head back and relaxed. This agreement could be a problem, but right now Pharah couldn't possibly see how it could be. Akande was doing such a good job down below and he was in working on both feet. Getting every part of her soles.

As a job it wasn't that hard for him, and he was glad that given his new smaller size, he's not completely useless. His new life will have a lot of work for Fareeha, and he just needs to make sure he does a good job. Its quite the change. Dangerous Talon Terrorist to Tiny Foot Massager. Still he wasn't one to sulk, he was one to move forward.

“Move your soles onto the ground so i can work on the toes” Akande said to her as Fareeha listened. Dropping them in front of him she felt his work on her toes. Grabbing toes and working on one at a time. The work he was doing down there being just as impressive as his soles. She felt his process start from the toe of one, go through all of them and end on the other one. She even felt Akande climb on top and massage the top of her foot, giving her a good feeling as she was loving it. Opening her eye and seeing him at work on her foot.

“Good job” She said smiling down to him. She moved her foot and Akande skidded off. Landing on the couch as she looked down at him.

“You do realise your gonna be doing that much more often now” She said with a bit of a smile. Its nice when he's not actually a threat

“I figured, but like i said my services are there for you” He said as Fareeha took him up on this offer. Moving her feet onto the ground she leaned to the side, grabbing him in her clutch and pulling him up to her face. She then moved him up onto her shoulder. placing him down. His weight was amazing, he was almost featherless. Something hard to believe given how much muscle he has on him. On her shoulder she leaned forward, letting him see the path to the back of her neck and to the other shoulder

“Now, can you give me a neck rub now” She said as she wanted him to do it now. And being the man he was, he had no problem with doing just that. Jumping off her shoulder and landing on her shoulder blade. The couch being right behind him as he got to work. Pushing into her shoulder as she liked this.

“Oh, this feels so good” She smirked to herself “Keep it up will you” And he did. Pushing into the shirt of the woman and getting the tense shoulders off. He was up high right now as he got to work. Then he started to move around from the shoulder to the neck. pushing in hard as this was the point she needed. Smiling to herself as she decided to speak to him.

“Oh... I need to check, you are okay with this.” Farther asked “This is gonna be your life from now on, surely you can be happy”

“Whether I'm happy or not shouldn't concern you” He said back to her, his big hands pushing in “Like i said you don't have to worry about me”

“That... Is what i like to hear” She said smiling.

The neck and shoulder rub continued for a while longer. During the whole time she couldn't help but smile. She was feeling like Cleopatra right now! A beautiful woman being served by those who are lower then her. Of course she wasn't as wicked but still, it made her happy. After she felt that was enough she reached and grabbed Akande. Getting up from the couch and moving. She's already cooked herself dinner, but this isn't for her. Dropping him down onto the modern kitchen counter she went to the fridge.

If he's willing to drop everything that has happened and serve her, the least she can do is be kind back. After looking in she grabbed a slice of ham. She moved over and grabbed the smallest plate that she had.

She then moved forward and dropped the plate down right in front of him “There, eat up. You said you wanted meat”

“Ah, the fruits of my labour” Akande said as he joked “Figuratively speaking of course”

“Enjoy it, you earned it” She said as her phone began to ring again “Great, it never stops”

“Ignore it” He said to her “The more you let them, the more they will rely on you

“That is... a good point” She said to herself, putting the phone to the side “You eat that, I'm gonna grab some paper”

“Paper?” Akande questioned as she looked back at the small man.

“I ahem some battle strategies i want to run by you. Since you promised” She said raising her eyebrow

“I see no problems with that” He answered back moving to the ham.


“Genius, this way we won't be risking any of our soldiers, while at the same time aggravating our opponents” Fareeha said to him. Akande was currently perched up on her shoulder and looking down at the paper on her knee. For the past hour both of them have been tackling new strategies and new ideas. It has been nice and she does think this is the first time she's actually enjoyed a strategy meeting.

Unfortunately everything must end, and it was getting late. Grabbing him from her shoulder she placed him down onto her thigh, right next to that paper “I assume we are finished” He said up to her.

“It is getting late, we should stop” She said to him “Its good to not stay up to late, better to be rested then to feel dreary”

“I couldn't agree more, i suppose I'm sleeping back in the cage. After all you have set up something there” He said to her as she remembered what she did. It wasn't much of a bed, in fact it was a cheap napkin on the ground of the hard cage. With the new arrangement they have and how friendly they have become, she can't help but rethink about it. The cage is in the guest room, and of course with the guest room there is a bed. Granted it was far too big for hi but it was much better then the arrangement in the cages.

“You can sleep in the bed i suppose” She said to him “Or the pillow, it would be soft enough” She said as he smiled down. The rewards are already being seen of his duty “However... before you go there, i do have a think in my mind. A thing that you could do for me”

Fareeha got a little smile on her face seeing this, and loved it when Akande back “And what may that be”

“I cold tell you, but it might be better for you to see it yourself. I'm gonna need to cover your eyes for a little bit though” The Overwatch member said as she moved her legs. Crossing one leg over the other as Akande found himself pushed between the two thighs of the woman. Jean fabric above him and Jean fabric under him as he was covered with the power of this woman. He couldn't see anything right now and thats the way she wanted.

Now that she was covering his eyes, she grabbed her shirt and lifted it over herself. Taking it and pulling it past her stomach, and past her shoulders. Lifting it up over her head and putting it to the side. Now she was in nothing but her bra she felt like she was ready to reveal. Uncrossing her legs and letting Akande see the sight.

Looking ahead and up, his face was... rather unimpressed. Its almost like he wasn't looking at a giant girl in nothing but a bra “Well i was expecting a little something more then that” She said to herself cracking up “No reaction whatsoever”

“It is how you say... not my style” He said “While i admire the shape you keep your body in, its not like that”

Fareeha doesn't know if she is more impressed or insulted. Still this didn't change what she was gonna do. Grabbing Akande and lifting him up to her face. Fareeha moved around onto the couch. Getting onto her chest and her abs and laying down. She held Akande right in front of her face, seeing if was going to at least take a peak at the pair that was being pushed against the couch. However he kept eye contact with her the entire time. After a while it became clear that he wasn't going to look so she moved around. Grabbing him and placing him onto the large area that was her back. She dropped him right in the middle of her back. Feeling him step onto it as she loved it.

“Using deduction, I'm assuming its a Back Rub you want” he said to her, Fareeha laughing and chuckling at his formal manner. Every light movement from her body shifted Akande around, luckily he never actually lost his footing.

“Thats right, and then with that we can go to sleep” She said to him, moving around and reaching behind her back. Akande watched as her fingers came and unhooked her bra. Throwing it off the side of her giant back as it was as bare as the moment she was born “Good luck”

Akande being given another tasked followed. Getting down onto his knees and pushed down onto the ground he was standing on. He needs to do it with his hands as his weight alone wouldn't do the job. He also knows he's gonna have to do some much, given how room she had on her back.

Fareeha leaned her head down on the cushion as she felt him get to work. She knows eventually she's gonna get use to this work and massages she does, but she hopes she never does. She can feel Akande push into her back, granted it was only one small step but it was still nice.

Moving around, he slowly went up and down her back. Of course he was slow and of course he couldn't get that big of an area. Still he was doing a good job, a good job that Fareeha was much enjoying.

And Fareeha could feel his whole movement from the beginning to the end. he started in the middle cause thats where she placed him. He got to work and moved left and right, getting the entire are he could. Once Akande was finished the he moved up closer to her. Working on her upper body as he got a lot of knots there that she needed him to get. Going near both sides of her shoulder and in the middle especially. Once he was done there, he moved over to the over part. Right above her jeans he made sure to give that area the same amount of care as the others. His pushing there and hitting there made him enjoy it very much. It was her favourite part if she was being honest

After a while he finished up there and he was done with her back, but frankly he was not done in general. Cause as he was finishing up, Fareeha got an idea. A bit of pleasure, a bit of teasing and a bit of business. Akande stood up on the back as it started moving. Holding his ground again he can see Fareeha move her arms and hands to her jeans. Then wiggling her whole body around she brought the jeans down. Akande who watching this whole situation saw the two cheeks of the desert reveal themselves. her giant ass being on display. A weaker man would fall onto his knees seeing this sight, but Akande is not a weak man.

“Oh Akande” Fareeha said moving her hand back to her resting place “You don't mind massaging those two. I would really appreciate it”

“I said anything, and its... interesting to see you test what that really means” He said to her “I will do it”

“I had a feeling you would” She said as she rested her head and closed her eyes. This was so she could focus on Akande on her back. He got moving, heading from the back to the butt of the Egyptian girl. He moved to her waist and climbed onto of her rear. Getting a good giggle from the girl, which was something she didn't normally do.

He climbed up her butt as he stood up on top. Getting down onto his knees he proceeded to do the same work he did with the back. Massaging her ass as she was loving it. Still there was a part of her that did feel slightly bad for humiliating him like this. She's gonna make it up to him, after she's got time now that he's technically living with him. He jumped from one butt cheek to the other as he proceeded to massage just the other one.

The night was winding down as she felt his last massage. Enjoying it as it kept going and enjoying it even more as it ended. he stopped moving and stood o top of his cheek. Akande being right over her hole and if wanted to could.

But he wasn't interested in that, so he just waited for her hand to come and grab him. Which it did, yanking him off and placing him onto the side. Letting him see her giant smiling face right in front. “You did a good job, tell me how did you feel about that last part Akade. Did you like it?”

“I was doing my job, nothing more or nothing less” He said simply getting a good look at him.

“Are you... you know, gay?” She said at this point feeling a bit ashamed that she wasn't seen that way.

“I like woman”

“You could of tricked me” She said reaching around and grabbing her bra. It was still against her breasts so thankfully all she had to do was clip it back on. She then moved around on the couch, standing up as she grabbed her jeans. Akande watched as her jeans went back up as she covered her crack. Turning around and grabbing the shirt and putting it back on. Covering her breasts and her bra, as well as her washboard abs. Once she was dressed she announced bed “Were going to sleep, hop on and ill take you to the guest room” She said lowering her hand and letting Akande walk on. Until of course she changed her mind and grabbed him. Figuring that it was faster. Akande felt her fingers around him as he gets pulled to her face.

Fareeha walked throughout her home, turning off all the light switches and grabbing her phone. She headed into the guest room and looked at the cage “Might as well throw that in the garbage. Not only is it not needed anymore, it didn't even hold you” She then moved over to the bed and opened her hand. He fell down from her hand and onto the blackout. He landed on his feet, which did impress her to a certain level.

“Now, you got to bed. Ill come get you in the morning” She said down to him

“That won't be needed, i can climb down myself, i did it before” he justified “Just leave the door open and ill be able to get out”

“And get stepped on by me in the morning when i make my morning coffee” She joked right now as she can just imagine that “Fine, have your way. Due to our deal you can stay in the bed, is there anything else your gonna need for me. You've been holding up your hand so its only fair i hold up mine”

“Some equipment. For excretes and lifting and such. While my size is small, i still take pride in my body”

“As you should. Okay, ill see what i can get for your size” She said before turning around, however stopping in her step as she had one last idea in her mind.

Akande watched as she turned around with a giant smirk on her face. “What is it?”

“Oh, just thinking i should tuck you in” She said as her hand came down and grabbed him. The one stronger man now being manhandled by the Egyptian woman didn't struggle. Knowing that if she wanted to, she could make him do and go anywhere. She moves around and brings him down onto the pillow. Resting him as she moved the blanket over him. Trapping him underneath as he was laying in.

“There you go, you look all comfy now” She joked. She actually does liking belittling him it seems, and the fact that he doesn't seem bothered by it lets her do it. Although she would be lying if she said she would want a little reaction from him.

“Are you done?” He questioned her raising an eyebrow. That was pretty much the best reaction she was going to get, but she's still gonna try to get more.

“Not just yet” She said with a smile as she brought her hand away and brought her face down. Planting a goodnight kiss on him as her lips drove him into the mattress. Her hand brushing hair out of her face as she kissed him. “There, you had your goodnight kiss” She said looking at him face. Once again not giving much of a reaction.

She walked out of the room and turned off the light, leaving the door slightly open to Doomfist’s request. Who would of thought, during the epic battle between Talon And Overwatch that later one would be sleeping in her room. The size of a doll and being humilated at her wish.

She left the guest room and moved over to her room, getting inside and stripping down to her underwear. In nothing but her underwear she crawled into her bed. Turning off the light and resting. She trusts Akande enough to let him sleep in there.

The relationship certainly has improved since the time she came home, but at the same time she knows it can go the other way. There is respect between the two, but that respect can disappear real quick.

Thinking up late she pulled out her phone. Grabbing it and looking at a photo sent to her. Of Lena and her little Talon agent herself. The small sniper stuck in between her breasts with the caption “The perfect hiding spot to snipe! No ones gonna look there!”

Chuckling to herself, she considers doing that to Akande. In fact, that may be a good idea. Moving over to the internet and doing... research on what to do to him.

Going over many sights of what to do. Some being nice and gentle, others being on borderline rape.

Fareeha is the kind of woman who does research, so this ascend of justified. After hours and hours of looking, she put her phone to the side and rested.

Right now with so many ideas in her mind as her relationship with Akande certainly changed today.
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