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by beamer
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There once was a dream of America

People who took a chance for a better life

So they came

And along the way they did some horrible things

Some were taken from their homes

Some were forced from their homes

Some were forced to pitiful poverty

Some were raised to legends

All this happened, and we can never undo it

These actions were like dice

Cast across the future of America

These dice still rattle

And roll

Over and over again

Whipping us from one emotional extreme to another

But my people, my Americans


Remember why we rolled the dice

We rolled the dice on America for a chance

A chance at a better life

That's it, just the CHANCE at a better life

And so I ask of us all

Do what is right

Did we not open the doors

Did we not invite them

Those who are hungry...

Those who are in need..

Those who yearn for more...

We, all of us, asked that they come

And they did

And they have

And now they are us.

Some few of us have grown mighty

Mighty from the hunger and drive of those first few

Those invited and those forced

They have helped raised us to the heights you now ascend


Remember because it all started with a promise

A promise to be able to pursue more.

And so I ask...

You, who know the might of influence

You, who now wield power

You, who have gathered material riches

Do you recall your ancestors motives?

Do you recall your father's father's dreams?

Do you recall what it was to struggle and dream of a better survival?

The time is coming for making hard decision

The time is coming for taking a stand

The time is coming for talking to end

We require change

For a promise made 400 years ago

We require change

For the millions who want a better life

We require change

For our children and our children's children.

The dice roll and I fear how they will land

The dice roll and I wonder who is paying attention

The dice roll and I wonder what I am supposed to be

The dice roll and I wonder what I am to do

Who is making decisions

Who is making choices for me

Who is making choices for my children

Who is making choices for you

Small men with small minds

Small women with bitter egos

Small people who have forgotten the dreams of their fathers

Small people who place no thought into the grander schemes of the universe

I weep for our future

But I battle for our survival

Do not let this great dream die.

And most frighting of all, there are very few of us who understand what needs to be done.
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