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Twenty eight of seventy six
Second Street

Part Twenty Eight

Their room was spectacular. Pam was excited and said to Charlie, let’s get unpacked and go do something.
Charlie changed from his suit into a pair of jeans and a sweater. Ok sweetheart let’s find some trouble, he said to Pam.

They took the elevator to the lobby and found a rack of brochures of sights and activities. There were museums, restaurants, tours of the Statue of Liberty, plays, shows and just so much to do and only two nights and three days to get it all in.

Pam took Charlie by the hand and pulled him along with her. She approached the concierge desk and with a broad smile said good morning. I am Pam and this is Charlie, what is your name?

She always had such an open and disarming manner about her and was never bashful.

Well Pam, Charlie, I am jimmy he said with a nod towards them. He said, the hotel likes me to tell people my name is James but I don’t think I look like a James do you, he said with a smile?

Pam looked at Jimmy and said, the woman at the front desk said you’re the man to see. He grinned and replied, she’s a very smart woman. How can I be of service?

We are only here for the weekend and want to get in as much of the city as time allows maybe you can point us in the best direction so as to not run from end of the city to the other, wasting time and money?

Of course, Jimmy said; just tell me about your interests, so I have some ideas where you want to be. Some of the restaurants can be challenging but I have a lot of pull, so let me know what you might like to eat. We have some of the finest steak houses in the country, as well as Japanese or Italian.

Well I think we would like to see a show, see some of the interesting sights, maybe a museum, a few great restaurants, those kinds of things, Pam told him.

Ok, I think I got it, let me take care of getting some tickets for you so you won’t have the hassle. Give me a few hours and I’ll have you all set. Thank you so much, Jimmy, we appreciate it so much.

They walked outside, Charlie asking Pam, what would you like to do? Pam faced Charlie taking his hands in hers. I have always had a fantasy about skating in Central Park and want to go there. Charlie grinned and said, you got it honey!

He flagged down a cab and told the driver, the skating rink, Central Park. You got it pal.

Nothing was very far away once you were in midtown and they arrived quickly at the Wollman Rink. Charlie paid the cabbie and thanked him.
The rink was filled with skaters, moving round and round. Oh Charlie, I have always dreamed of this. They moved to get tickets and rent skates. Pam’s skates, white and Charlie’s black, they sat to lace them up, Charlie telling Pam, this should be interesting; I haven’t done this in years.
They stood up, Charlie a little shaky, Pam steadying him. They joined the rest of the skaters, round and round they moved, the skyline of the city simply wonderful. Pam was getting fancy, skating backwards holding Charlie’s hands. She was just so fluid, just something else to admire about her.

Charlie, can you just imagine the movies made here, all those love scenes, right here, just where we are now. He loved the romance in her voice. They spent an hour in this historic place and imagining some of the famous people that had been there, Charlie thinking how many lovers just like he and Pam had had a go round here, maybe falling in love. They returned their skates, thanking the attendant. Pam told Charlie, I am starving! He smiled and said you must be, it has been all day!

Charlie put his arm around her and asked left or right? Right, she replied. They walked for ten minutes passing by various eateries, nothing really striking their fancy, finally coming upon a place called “Red 58”.

It looked perfect for a late lunch. They entered and were seated by the hostess, leaving them with menus. The place had the feel of an old pub, dimly lit but very clean and comfortable.

It was a few minutes before their server came and they had time to go over the menu. When he did show up they asked for a couples glasses of house red and told him they were ready to order.

The man apologized and said, I am the only one here just now, being between lunch and dinner. Charlie told him not to worry. They ordered appetizers of buffalo wings, onion rings, BBQ short ribs finishing with two 58 Burgers with Roquefort dressing.

Charlie thought to himself, Pam hasn’t eaten all day, I had better keep my fingers out of the way. He could not help but grin.

Their wine arrived and was quickly consumed. Their food arrived and they were given a large stack of napkins. They ordered more wine. The burgers were great. About ten ounces of Angus beef on a toasted onion roll, topped with Roquefort and a large pile of fries on each plate.

There was not a great deal of conversation to begin, Pam putting a huge dent in the appetizers between bites of her burger and fries. Pam took a break for a second, Charlie seizing an opportunity, put his hand on hers, telling her he thought she was wonderful. Charlie this is going to be such a great weekend, already has started out that way, she said to him.

She quickly returned to her meal, cleaning every dish. Not one morsel was left. They had another glass of red and asked for the check. They paid their bill and asked the waiter the direction to their hotel, thinking they would walk off their meal. They walked for a half an hour, finally reaching the Marriott.
They caught Jimmy’s eye as they walked through the lobby. He approached them and asked if they had a moment.
Sure, they told him and he brought them to his desk.
He told them that he ran into a little resistance but got them tickets for Radio City for tomorrow. The Rockettes have a Christmas Spectacular which is a tradition and well received, they put in on every year.
As for tonight all I could offer is a pub crawl of Manhattan. It is a pretty fun time he told them, It is kind of a fluid and moves from pub to pub with a sampling of hand crafted micro brews.
I have done it myself and really had a good time.

Pam said, sounds wonderful, thank you so. The show tomorrow is perfect. Pam told him of the day they had so far and he smiled, telling her the 58 was a great choice.
The pub crawl will start around ten. Is there some place you would like to go for dinner? Either before or after? He gave them some of the choices, one of which was “HARU” a Japanese sushi and sashimi restaurant.

Oh Charlie, can we, Pam said excitedly. I love sushi.

My darling, your heart’s desire is my will and way, Charlie told her.

Jimmy smiled at the sheer romance he saw in Charlie. He had seen thousands of couples that never paid attention to their partners or their wishes, he had seen bullies and some of the coldest women in the world. He found this couple so very compelling he would do all he was able to do to make this weekend the best he could for them.

So, will it be dinner before or after, he asked? The crawl lasts about two hours.
Jimmy we just ate so how about after, Pam said.

What about tomorrow he asked? Do you have any plans yet? No came the response from Charlie. I know you just came from Central Park but the horse drawn carriage rides are pretty fun. The carousel is a fun time. Not to spend a great deal of time but is fun.

What about museums? Some of the finest are right there, you will not have to run all over the place. I will get tickets for you if you care? Pam said, yes please. Jimmy, you are awesome, Pam told him putting her hand on his shoulder.

Can I ask one more thing of you? Of course, he told her, what will it be? Can you send someone to get a couple bottles of a decent Cabernet and Chardonnay and candles? He smiled, ah the Jacuzzi! Absolutely, I’ll have them to you soon. They thanked him and headed for their room. Jimmy liked them very much.
The elevator doors closed behind them, Pam whirled around kissing Charlie with all she had in her.

They entered their room, both of them satisfied to be away from home and happy with the day so far. They hung up their coats and went to the window to enjoy the views. Pam removed herself to the bath and began filling the Jacuzzi with steaming water.

There was bubble bath above the tub and she poured it in the bubbling water. There was a knock at the door and a bellman appeared with four bottles of wine, a corkscrew and candles with holders. Charlie gave the man a twenty, thanking him.
He opened a bottle of Cabernet and joined Pam in the bath. The glasses were plastic and they laughed.

They both got naked and settled into the bubbles, Cabernet at hand. It was only moments before Charlie noticed several switches on the wall. He left the bath and peered at the switches. One was to heat the floor, the other was music.
He switched them both on, picking classical music. He rejoined Pam and loved the moment. They sat deep in that tub, the jets making hot water flow over them in a dance of pleasure. They sipped their cabernet and watched the Hudson flow by.
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