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Foot Fetish Story.
(Warnung: Contains foot fetish stuff)

It was a nice july morning. Lukas (17 years old) sat in school. It was the last day before summer break. He sat beside Hannah (18 years old). During the year they came closer. Not being in love but becoming good friends. Lukas didn't know what was going to happen today.

Since the beginning of the class the both were talking. During the first two hours, they didn't really focuse on school but the teacher didn't care about it because it being the last day of this years school. After the third hour they would get their testimonys. "Yes, I'm better then you Lukas." She said. "Oh hell I am not too well. But it's bearable." Hannah smiled and they left school. "During the year we didn't have time to do something together. Do you maybe wanna come to my house? Now we finally have time!" She asked him actually very motivated. "Yes. I can't say no to this invitation." Hannah smiled again and took Lukas' hand, pulling him to move faster. Lukas was surprised but went with it. Both began to walk faster. Hannah eventually began to sweat because she was wearing a shirt, a normal jeans and white socks and her favourite, yet old sneakers while Lukas was wearing a t-shirt, a short trouser but sneakers as well. The sun was shining bright. A very warm and beautiful day.

About an hour later, after moving through a park and over the market place, they'd arrive at the home of Hannah. It was a bigger house at the outskirts of the city and has a big garden as well. Her family wasn't at home so the both are alone. "Come in. I hope you like it here." Lukas was overwhelmed when he saw the house. His family and him rather live in a smaller building with also a smaller garden. This here was about the double size. "S-sure. Incredible." Hannah unlocks the door, they both went inside and Hannah locks the door again. She didn't want anyone to come inside. "Do you wanna drink or eat something?" "I'd like to drink .. orange juice?" Hannah nodded. After some minutes she came back with a glass with orange juice. "Here ya go. I am gonna go to my room for a moment. Just wait here." She said. Lukas nods, taking the glass while Hannah went to her room, changing her clothes and setting something up. This would become the moment very soon when some things would change.

She came back from her room, she now wears a short pant, still her now seeable dirty socks and a tanktop. At her room, she did also ready up some ropes and tape.
Hannah, during the time, found out that Lukas had a thing for feet and especially for hers. During the year being at school she always noticed him, whenever he tried to "secretly" look at her feet, when she was wearing sandals or untied her shoes to get a view of her feet. This was the time when she began to make a plan to do something with him. She was sure he would like it. She informed herself a little about foot fetish and stuff, having nothing against it she wanted to try out things with him. Nobodys gonna know that behind her cute looking nature will be a very dominant girl, probably much for Lukas' surprise once he'll find out what will happen.

Hannah came back to Lukas, saying "Do you wanna come to my room with me? I've got a surprise for you." He replied "A surprise for me? Why.. well sure! Should I be afraid? Or.. well why would you wanna give me something or---" "Shhh Lukas.. it's for our friendship. I think you will like it. Please trust in me. I thought you trust me. After all, we became very good friends, didn't we?" She asked. "Yes you are right. I am sorry you just surprised me already. I am not used to it. And you seem really motivated and happy or something like that." Lukas looks at her. "I am very much sure that you will like it. That's why I can't wait to show you."

She grabs his arm softly, pulling him to her room. "Close your eyes Lukas." He did as she asked. She went into the room, leaving the door open. She must have grabbed something. He didn't hear that she went to hide behind the door. "Come in." Lukas then moves into her room, as soon as he was inside, Hannah closes the door behind him, telling him "Now just wait one more second." He really left his eyes shut since he didn't know what was going on and she didn't want to interrupt her.
Then Hannah moved behind him.
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