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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2196566
Lula proves to be the group's lose cannon while Kayla tries to get Audrey to lose weight.
Chapter 4
The F.F.C.N entered their house, disappointed and angry that their captive had escaped. Cecily was mentally beside herself for not ordering the girl's feet also be taped or for the girl herself to be secured to the couch in such a way that it resulted in her belly being made plumper... Cecily had to restrain herself from licking her lips at the thought.

"Now wot we goan eat?!" exclaimed Lula. She was the angriest of the group and, unfortunately for her peers, the scariest member. Cecily tried to calm her down, but had little success.

Kacey Edwards, a 21 year old with curly blond hair and wearing shorts and a white shirt with the F.F.C.N logo on the front, was trying to to calm herself, which was harder to do than Cecily calming Lula; for Lula wouldn't attack someone that she admired. But Kacey...

Cecily had calmed down Lula as best as she could and exited the room for some wine (her solution to everything) when Lula spoke.

"We're not done 'ere," she stated, "I was promised tree hugger, so I'm going to get it." She looked arousal the room, making some of her peers cower in fright. Kacey looked at her peers, wondering who Lula would pick when she heard an awful sound: "You." Kacey turned her head to see Lula pointing at her. "You'll do." Their colleagues made a path as she approached Kacey, who backed up as far as she could until Lula caught her by the breast of her shirt and raised it, exposing her belly. Kacey gasped as it happened and tears started to form in her eyes as Lula pulled out her switchblade and thrusted it at her belly, forcing her to suck it in.

N-n-no! No!" Kacey whimpered as she shut her eyes, feeling her ribs protrude through her skin as her belly went in as far as she made it. Lula stopped the knife and pressed the tip against the poor girl's inhaled midriff.

"I'm goan enjoy yor insoides," Lula hissed and began to push. Kacey felt a minor pain on her stomach until Cecily spoke.

"Lula, we talked about this," she said sternly, "now let Edwards go, we'll get the girl back." Kacey had her eyes shut with tears streaming down her face, her lips trembled as Lula's grip on her shirt slackened and she fell to the floor, letting her body relax and her belly push out as she curled into a quaking ball. The others comforted her while Cecily left with Lula to give her a talking-to.

"Do we have to do this?" asked Audrey in the gym locker room.

"Yes," answered Kayla, "you said that your New Year resolution is to get into shape." One thing that comforted her while going to the gym, especially after joining the W.F.C.N, was that her sports top covered all of her chubby belly, especially when compared to her so small uniform. "Besides, Mia may be eccentric, but she helped me stay in shape all through high school. Now put this on." Audrey did as she was told. However, when she placed it on, it felt tight on her fat gut. She attempted to pull it down, but it was too small, leaving her entire midriff exposed, and with how short her sporting shorts were, she felt almost naked. I wonder if this is how Kayla feels when she wears her uniform, she thought, not remembering the first time she herself wore it.

The two entered the fitness room which was enormous: there was exercising equipment all being used by people who were more muscular than the both of them, which was very intimidating for Audrey. A woman with long black hair ran up to the girls.

"Oh my goodness! Kay? It's been so long!" spoke the woman.

"Mia!" Kayla greeted her with a hug. "How you been?"

"Oh you know, instructing fitness here, cleaning up there," chuckled Mia D'Ugo, "and this must be Audrey." Mia shook Audrey's hand, her eyes trailing down to Audrey's bare tummy. "Well, we'll get started right away."

"Alright, I'm going to go on a run." said Kayla. As she left, she waved to Audrey, "good luck," before breaking into a jog. Audrey waved back nervously before turning her head back to Mia, certain that her gaze never left her.

"Now!" started Mia, causing Audrey to start herself and her belly to bounce once. "You want to get into shape, huh? We'll be doing runs, lifting, and some-" suddenly, Mia kicked at Audrey's belly. Audrey jumped back to avoid the sharp kleets, emitting a small scream. "KICK-" Mia kicked again, and Audrey jumped into the wall, now trapped. "BOXING!" Mia finished, delivering one final sharp kick at Audrey, who gasped in her belly as fast as she could, just barely avoiding the kleets, her mouth and eyes open wide, her body shivering from the surprise as she kept her belly sucked in from Mia's shoe, which was thrusted to half an inch from the fat. "Mark my words, you'll lose that chub." The shoe lingered, until Audrey began to sweat beads down her trembling belly. Mia moved her shoe from Audrey's fat and used it to push her over on her side. Audrey yelped as she landed on the floor, her gut becoming plump as it hung over her sporting shorts. This is going to be a long couple of weeks, she thought. I wonder if Kayla put me up to this because she still hasn't forgiven me.
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