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Just one of those nights
I brush my teeth the same way each night before I go to bed.

The toothbrush is in the same location

The toothpaste is in the same location.

The handsoap is in the same location.

I start my nightly routine of washing my hands and just as I have the soap in one hand, something stops my routine cold.

The sink isn't empty.

There is a lone spoon.

I washed the lone spoon and set it in the drying rack to dry.

I then take my toothbrush and start brushing my teeth only to realize that there is a funny taste.

I don't remember getting the toothpaste.

I just put dish soap on my toothbrush and now have to wash out my mouth.

After rinsing out my mouth sufficiently, I check the spoon and sure enough, it smells like hand soap.

I finish my routines and just as I am dring off after showering, my wife walks in and asks:

Why is there a toothbrush in the drying rack?

If you run much of your life on routines as I do, take my advice:

If your routine is interrupted and it is a short routine, just start it over.

Otherwise, you might end up with a soapy mouth.
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