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Henry is kidnapped and cloned
Chapter 2
"What?!","yes,and i will use him to sneak in data from the mancave and use it to destroy captain man",he says before laughing and turns on the tv(again from nowhere)and i see clone me at my house.
Clone Henry's POV
i'm clone henry,i am a different henry,a bad henry. So i enter henry's house and a little girl comes running towards me and punches me straight in the gut,"that's for not coming for the afternoon family outing,do you know how boring it was",she says with another look that's she's gonna punch me again and i was right,she gave me another punch in the gut that sent me to the ground. "Piper,first,it was not boring,second,you do not punch your brother in the gut",says a man who i guess is the dad,the guess who i now know is piper runs angrily up stairs,i stood up to follow her when i was called by a woman,obviously the mum,"Henry,where were you?",oh men it took a moment before i replied,"i was.....at.....work!,yeh at work","but you knew it was family outing and you couldn't take a leave","uhm,my boss is sick and as his trusted employee i had to work extra time",i replied,"oh,we will have to see your boss to wish him a get well soon",mum said,oh shit.
I rush to the mancave and call,"hey ray!"
Henry's POV
i see clone me enter the mancave,i hope ray doesn't fall for this fake me,"oh this is gonna be good",the cloner says interrupting my thoughts
please ray please
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