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I wrote a story about a friend of mine, she made a tune for me so I returned the favor.

The Raging Ocean

She was the ocean. A force of nature, so strong, yet so fragile. Her mind was the deep trenches on the ocean floor, so dark and mysterious; not even the bravest ventured there. Her tears were the shiny pearls of the clam, so rare, but so very beautiful. Her eyes were whirlpools, a vast swirling abyss of emotion. Her soul was the coral, booming with color and hidden worlds. The tides rose and fell with her mood, sweeping across the sandy beaches. She bear many scars from those who had no disregard for her. She gave and gave, but when she had nothing left the land began to take. They took her coral infested soul, the whirlpools calmed in her eyes, and her tears were stolen. The waves crashed against the shore, and the sea raged. The seagulls cried and the whales bellowed. The ocean was at war with the land, and would not stop until it was engulfed by the heavy pressure of her fury. She rose from her sea bed, pouring onto the surface of her forbidden foe. She rushed onto the land, sweeping away everything in her path. She drug her stolen treasures back to the blue depths. For centuries she kept every secret within herself, flooding every coast, island, and shore. She overflowed, the world drowning as she consumed. She was pulled by the moon, every tug and push leaving her limp. She was trapped within herself, an ever brewing storm ready to be awakened. One day the moon pulled so hard it tugged her into the air. She flew with the grace of the whistling wind, and the bottled hurricane inside her shattered. Water poured from the heavens and she was finally free. For she was the ocean, and the ocean brought storms.

-For a friend of mine

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