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Rated: E · Poetry · Drama · #2196688
Inspired by a drama series called "The Good Doctor" Part 2 is also up :)
The day the air smelled like sweets,
I went somewhere.
Never thought I'd see you from a distance,
But I noticed something,
You were with someone.
"She's pretty", I thought.
"She's a lot more beautiful than I am."
"I'll never be like her"
You both looked good.
Better than how we looked together.

The day the air smelled like rust,
I went out.
Saw you in a distance,
You looked at my way.
Saw your eyes gleaming,
Like how you would look at a baby.
I was very happy,
For I thought, "Finally he noticed me!"
But I was wrong.
I looked at your eyes again,
It was not looking at me.
I turned,
And there I saw.
The girl you were with the other day.
"Ahhh I should stop this."

The day the air smelled like flowers,
I stayed home.
Under my blankets,
Sneezing and coughing.
"I might have an allergy."
What a shame, sighs.
Staring outside my window,
I saw you walking.
It's like you were in a rush,
Something must've come up.
Ahhhh my allergy must've worsen.
Maybe I should go back and sleep.

The day the air smelled like mints,
The lawn was filled with snow.
The breeze was cold,
As cold as the way you see me.
But even though it's cold,
I enjoyed every second of it.
Making snow angels,
I see a figure approaching.
A figure so familiar,
That even my peripheral view could tell.
"I really like you."
I frozed,
And silence took over.
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