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This is the second part focusing on the POV of the guy.
The day the air smelled like sweets,
I went to the airport.
Only to fetch my cousin.
We went somewhere,
You were there.
I saw a familiar back,
And I knew that it was you.
But you were somewhat down,
You walked slowly away from me.
I wanted to call you,
But I couldn't leave my cousin behind.
She was new to the town.
So we continued to roam the city.

The day the air smelled like rust,
My cousin and I went out.
She got hungry,
So she went somewhere to grab something.
Then I saw you there,
My heart was beating fast.
I couldn't control my emotions,
For I thought "Ahhh she really is beautiful."
"How I wish she's mine."
I saw my cousin approaching behind you.
You suddenly turned,
And walked away.

The day the air smelled like flowers,
I woke up.
I told my cousin all about you,
While eating our breakfast.
She was really thrilled,
For she now knew the reason behind my smiles.
Someone suddenly knocked on the door,
It was your mom.
Asking if she could have some herbs,
I gave her some and asked why?
"My daughter got sick," and left immediately.
As for me,
I went to the pharmacy to buy some medicine.
I then went to your house,
"She's upstairs sleeping."

The day the air smelled like mints,
Snow filled the lawns.
I saw you as I looked outside my window,
I was mesmerized by your beauty.
You were playing in the snow,
"Is she making snow angels? Haha"
"She's so childish yet why can't I avert my eyes?"
I went out,
I was supposed to only look at you from a distance.
I never realized,
I was slowly approaching you,
"I really like you."
And silence took over.
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