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Henry is kidnapped and cloned
Chapter 3
Please ray please
Ray's POV
"Hey ray",i hear henry's voice and rush out from the gear room,"hey henry,what's up",i said
"Nothing ray,it's just that my parent want to meet you,i told them you were sick",he said with a weary smile
"Well why did you tell them that i was sick?",i said with an obvious frown,henry told me about his parents and what happened,"alright",henry turns around and i saw the most surprising thing
Clone Henry's POV
"Henry where's the scar on your neck",i hear ray saying,he sounded surprised
"Scar!....oh!,my scar,well it healed",i sais reluctantly thinking i saved it
"What are you talking about henry,that's your power source that schowz gave,it's connected to your blood vessel,if it's gone you die"
surprised,"i what?!"
"You die,so why do you not have the scar and why are you not dead?"
Henry's POV
Awesome ray.
" what?!,power,let me see",the cloner walks over to me and sees the scar,"ugh!,i stupid clone machine".
"Ha!,now you will see they will find me and rescue me and kicked yo butt",the cloner just smiles,"as if"
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