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Rated: 18+ · Lyrics · Action/Adventure · #2196731
get some on ya ghosts only noted at nighttime
Rhythm in my skeleton rock out jam out sentimental victim emotional promise after coffin closes hearts supposedle "the end of life" supposedle ghosts and ceremonial only some of us know that no one fucks around with the sentimental rest your mental except the generals who are infectious when it comes to the seven temples wrecked but still knowing that your can kick back and exempt the show only some of us live only some of us die rusty knife cut me twice a living god screaming "why wont we die" timebomb ticking timbomb the infinite light symphonys night simfunny.....when does this come alive and an how much time coming out your vision to expose how an infant lies chemist with experimental ties calling up cousins to officially fry the red guy on that picture diobalical pride She always dies, keep me at wrong or right both extremes remind me of cauldrons set the false aside they call ry a polterghiest when i look at yall and think your the one with them all inside emotions rise a dozen a million the trillion the zillion the positive side chemicals brain altered from the hopsin cries my god a monster hes exalted RY on pages flames make no sense there all combined and after casual i can find the melodical signs good god gracious reversing cycles to repauled to fly im disgusted with creation why discuss about these three sins if all of this hides iteslf to being a force that guides "jesus christs people" white noise alive ive enjoyed my time but hopefully i can be the form i hide orange and white mornings dawn voice at night stop screaming when space seems to be the ending, boy ive tried the end of loyalty they say things and expose the dark into infernos royal Ry N Chemically Mentally MetaPhysically The Deserts Dry Physicaly LionPride Mighty LionPride Find The Might Of Bisons I Could Expplain Time After Time Higher Power Isolate The Lies And Exterminate The Fried.
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