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by Neil
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2196738
An asteroid 6 miles across will collide with us in 3 months. How would you spend it.
“The crowds have breached the southern gate Sargent.” “Go take charge of the situation, secure the perimeter using whatever force necessary.”
“Yes Sir.”

Sargent Martin was nearing retirement and it was just his luck that all of his 401 and his savings would amount to nothing now that 'it' was coming.

Sargent Martin left the control centre and made his way towards the transport area, jumped into his Jeep, and called his Corporal to get an update. ”We have retreated to the inner perimeter Sargent. We fired warning shots but it only holds them back for a minute or two before they come at us again.”
“Shoot to kill Corporal.”
“Sargent can you repeat that.”
”Corporal we need to maintain the security of this base, there is no alternative, shoot to kill.”
“But there are women and children Sarge, we can't fire on them, they are scared.”
“Do as you are ordered Corporal! If they breach that fence we are all doomed.”
”Yes Sargent.” The sound of automatic gunfire rings out over the base, along with the dying screams of so many terrified and desperate people and it wasn't long before mass hysteria took over the entire planet.

“It's huge...bigger than six miles across.”
“And the trajectory is confirmed?”
“There is no doubt. We have 3 months and 6 days until impact...until life on Earth ceases to exist.”

“What's the plan John?”
”Get as many people into space as we can. The Chinese, Russians and Japan are all doing the same although how they will get back without ground crews is still being considered. ”All our submarines will be heading towards the opposite side of impact, loading what will be needed for when the skies clear and the acid rains stop.”

“The only other way to survive is to get underground, away from the heat and fires that will cause the most deaths, but that is very risky because of the massive earthquakes that are likely to collapse many underground systems. It's inevitable that we are looking at a mass extinction...life on this planet, if we can save enough people and deal with the aftermath may carry on, but of course we can only do so much, the rest is up to God.”

The masses stare up into the sky. Fear of what is coming is overwhelming to some, yet, on the whole, acceptance of their fate prevails as people spend their last days together in family groups along with friends and neighbours, all awaiting the blast that will take human kind and extinguish us from existence.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2196738