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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Emotional · #2196758
Pure dialogue, with 587 words (two pages). It's a short, but emotional read.
"Where've you been?"
"I don't know . . ."
"What do you mean you don't know?"
"I-said I don't know" "How hard is it to understand?"
"Now listen . . . What makes you think you can talk me like that?"
"Ugh . . . just leave me alone,"
"Don't turn your back on me, You hear me?"
"S-stop it . . . let go!"
"You've went way too far this time!" "I'm not letting you get away with it,"
"Let-go-off-me!" "Who're you to decide? You've no idea what's going on,"
"Ahem . . . I perfectly know what's going on,"
"Don't make me laugh . . ."
"Well you should've thought about your actions beforehand!"
"What's that supposed to mean, and what that has to do with me?"
"All I'm saying is we've done everything to help you out . . . you can only blame yourself–"
"How's this in any way my fault?" "You're out of your mind . . . I can't believe I'm hearing this,"
"I've still some things to discuss . . . come back!"
"Humph . . ."
"I'm tired of your excuses, and I won't stop in their way this time. Consider that as a warning,"
"After all these years, you still think of me like this . . ."
"Then prove me wrong, Why can't you be like others?"
"I'm not going to argue about this again . . . It-was-not-my-choice!"
"And what will you do if I'm not around? Have you thought about that?"
"I can't change what happened, I told you already. And I'm not going to lecture about my past either . . . you wouldn't listen anyway,"
"You say that just because you think you're so smart,"
"O my God . . . you've always the perfect thing to fight back with!" "How typical–"
"Your actions are typical as well . . . they've been for a while, Aren't you tired of them?"
"No-o-o-o of course not. Everything is one hundred percent fine and dandy,"
"See? I knew it . . . I knew I was right all along!" "My goodness–"
"I get it what's this all about. You're just looking for excuses that's all," "That's why you came here,"
"You-are-wrong! I came here, because there's nobody you can turn to," "Thought you'd realize that by now . . . if you were as smart as you claimed to be,"
"Ugh . . . this is going nowhere! You aren't even listening to me,"
"To what, Tell me how're you going to fix this?"
"Well . . . I'll continue to do what I've been doing, and hope for the best,"
"Is that the best you could come up with?" "You're absolutely delusional!"
"It's not my problem that you've no faith in me, or the things I do,"
"You're just talking out of your rear, that's all," "Empty promises as usual,"
"I told you that it's not my fault, damnit!"
"It's not an acceptable answer, How're you going to fix this?"
"This is going nowhere . . . You-know-what?"
"Was there anything you wanted to talk about? Because I'm busy and I've a lot to do,"
"You're still avoiding my question!" "Would you please answer it?"
"Alright I'm going back . . . this is pointless,"
"So this is how you solve your prob–"
"Whatever . . ."
"I think you should go visit a stupid shrink . . . I'm not going to help you anymore, You hear me?"
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