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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2196787
A creature witnesses a beast destroy everything she has in life; children, home, food, etc
Upon recollection many years later of that day’s events, it only fills me with sullen apathy.

While I must conclude that my species are not known, or I believe are not known, for our restless emotions, for I have never felt any of the sort, it was still a somber disaster.

To think that I endured the destruction by myself.

Yet even though I was alone in the area at the time, I am sure many others witnessed The Beast.

For some reason he, or I assume it was a he, for I feel a woman, even if originated from another species, could still feel for the maternal love of another woman, brandished a weapon. I cannot for the life of me conclude on why he did so, his foot or any other appendage he possessed would have worked perfectly fine considering that he towered above the ground to the point where I could hardly discern his eyes. I am certain they were filled with rage, for what monster could not have been rage induced to commit such actions without any reason.

Quite possibly it was a force of nature, neither a monster nor a beast, a male nor a female, but a vehicle for which Mother Nature could keep the world in check. Yet that leads us to a problematic question.

Why should Mother Nature lend that wrath to one being if only to cause atrocities?

It is my understanding that nature keeps its balance through a subtle, fine-tuned system, yet The Beast seemed to contain more power than gods themselves.

To properly understand the thoughtful dilemma which I face I shall recount that day. But before I begin, do not feel sorrowful for me, even as I describe the ruthless murder of my children, I survived, and for quite a few years I might add, and that is all that matters to me.

It started with a tremble, a steady beat of gigantic vibrations accompanied occasionally by the shuffling of mountains of earthy matter. This pattern repeated for a long while. Thump….Thump….followed by mounds of dirt and rock being destroyed. I sat upon my abode unknown of what to make of it. Yet to feel that power, it awakened an emotion I had never quite felt before, mortal terror. I had witnessed creatures of sizable proportions before but this was different, for it seemed he only cared for destruction.

I peeked through my shelter so I might catch a glimpse of The Beast. Believe me when I tell you it was beyond proper description, but I shall try my best so you might understand why I was so terror-stricken.

As I said before, he completely dwarfed me, I’m not sure he even took notice of me at first. An ungodly head stood upon its broad shoulders, a head that was covered by a white exoskeleton on top. The eyes were another matter entirely, for it seemed that it had none where there should be. Yet upon closer examination, I concluded that they were under various layers of a transparent exoskeleton quite different from the type on its head. It had a protrusive nose with many hairs and bodily substance oozing inside. The scariest part in my opinion was it’s horrible, heaving breathe which never once let up. Every breath sent a shiver along my body. He wasn’t even that horrific thinking back, yet the barbaric, thoughtless aura he seemed to have unnerved me to my smaller fibers.

The Beast continued along its path of destruction yet I hoped that he would veer away from me as I had just laid my eggs and I had no way of moving them. Yet his path persisted, straight towards my home, my livelihood. My food. My children. And me. Irrational thoughts gripped me in that moment, paralyzing me until his presence was upon me. In one fell swoop his weapon crashed into my web. Everything destroyed in mere milliseconds. Remanence of my life scattered before my eyes.

Luckily I had survived yet unknown emotions still possessed me. I ran in circles around the feet of the giant, trying to fathom what had just occurred, what part of my home was where, if my children lived through the ordeal, but alas, it was a lost cause.

I only stopped when I realized The Beast had ceased his torment.

I froze.

Looking up, I saw it’s bulbous eyes stare at me through the transparent protection. In that moment I couldn’t think of what to do, yet thankfully my legs made the decision for me. I ran and ran, over logs and under brush hoping to escape its presence, but I could feel it’s stare upon my back, watching.

Whether it was mercy or indifference I do not know to this day. All I know is this, that being was only brought into this world for destruction. Now that I think about it, I don’t believe Mother Nature could have even devised such a creature.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2196787