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Round 111 not entered.

ROUNDS 111 to 120

Round 111 - Not entered
M M *AsteriskV* K I H L *AsteriskV* C G

Multiple motives for keeping idle,
having lost everything cannily gained.

*** *** ***

Round 112 - Submitted July 24, 2019
A G D F L S N P *AsteriskV* *AsteriskV* K

Abandoned gay dancing feet
Leading sweetly, neatly prancing
Culminates with kisses

*** *** ***

Round 113 - Submitted Sept 5, 2019
S S *AsteriskV* S C *AsteriskV* V T M P R *AsteriskV* P K *AsteriskV*

Sanctified souls embrace sacrificial charity.
Keeping vigil, they multiply prayers.
Radiating joy, postulants keep nothing.

*** *** ***

Round 114 - Submitted Sept 27, 2019
V M *AsteriskV* W B *AsteriskV* P *AsteriskV* P C R P *AsteriskV* K

Victorious martyrs are witnesses, believing Christ’s passion
abundantly provides candescent, redemptive power
beyond knowing.

*** *** ***

Round 115 - Submitted Nov. 29, 2019
B L L *AsteriskV* *AsteriskV* C M R H Y S *AsteriskV* P O

Banish lonely living!
We supply charismatic men.
Really handsome yet sincere.
Get paired off!

*** *** ***

Round 116 - Submitted Jan. 21, 2020
A C *AsteriskV* E T G *AsteriskV* M D P B

Approaching contentment,
seeking enlightenment.
Thanking God in meditation,
desiring perpetual bliss.

*** *** ***

Round 117
M H N *AsteriskV* G O *AsteriskV* C B S T *AsteriskV*

Mariner’s haven needs abundant gaiety. Outspoken sailors come bringing scandalous tantalizing tales.

*** *** ***

Round 118 -- 1st Prize
U *AsteriskV* E A H S B M P *AsteriskV* *AsteriskV* D *AsteriskV* C F

Undertaking aerobic exercise at home, seldom breaking my physical routine. Every day, I choose fitness!

*** *** ***

Round 119 - Submitted June 15, 2020
*AsteriskV* *AsteriskV* W A R *AsteriskV* H G P L *AsteriskV* S S D T

Unveiled prodigy, with amazing resourcefulness, now having glamorous public life, neurotically seeks such deferential treatment.

*** *** ***

Round 120 - Submitted July 20, 2020
T *AsteriskV* F M I S B *AsteriskV* *AsteriskV* A S M A

Technology randomly fails.
Maximize instead sleepy brains,
lethargic through atrophy.
Strengthen mental aptitude!


ROUNDS 121 to 130

Round 121 - Submitted Aug 5, 2020
*AsteriskV* O T S H C A K N *AsteriskV*

Analysts' overestimated tabulations sabotage health care.
Abysmal knowledge necessitates misjudgments.

Round 122 - Submitted September 19, 2020
C L W *AsteriskV* I *AsteriskV* C *AsteriskV* M R S C

Cultivate learning while thriving
in chaos.
Create opportunities.
Magnify resources, securing capital.

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