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Memories of childhood summers.
Summertime is here!
And I'm still alone,
Playing all by myself,
Swinging dolly to and fro.
All the other kids get along,
And they can play together all day,
These puddles on the ground,
They must've come from the rain.

The parks always so full,
But Mommy won't let me in,
So, today, again, dolly and I
We play a boring game outside.
I can hear the kids cheering,
While I'm all by myself,
Dolly's getting all wet,
It must've come from the rain.

The sky is clear, blue like the sea.
I want to go play with them too,
Mommy, please, won't you let me?
The answer was no, that I knew.
While everyone's playing out in the sun,
Dolly and I are also having fun.
My face is getting soaked,
Was it supposed to rain today?
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