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Rated: GC · Serial · Dark · #2196866
Ch1 prt1 of a series of the rise and fall of a demonic force
Brood of the Conqueror

CH 1 Prt 1

          In the dry and arid desert lay a fortified city with walls meant to keep out invaders surrounded all round her people and meaning to protect them. Her people huddled inside as demonic forces approached with heavy javelins pulled by twenty horses and carrying large bolts. The moment they were in range the forces within the city rushed out to meet them. Half of the demons met them in battle as the bolts started to flow onto the battle field and onto the city walls. Demons on horseback slammed into the enemy's cavalry taking out most already and made quick work of their archers as their horses were the fastest in the land. With the defense forces all but decimated in mere minutes they approached the gates and tried to enter, however the doors were shut quickly on them. The bolts changed their angle and began to fire upon the wall imbedding in the process, making cracks and large holes when they hit. This continued on until there was substantial damage for a man to crawl through and the demonic forces picked up sledges and breaching weapons and focused on dismantling the wall at its weakest. As soon as they made a big enough opening the horde flooded in and decimated the little resistance that stood in their way. Immediately they began their slaughter of any man and boy they can get their hands on and capturing and raping the women they came across. They dashed the baby's brain upon the walls and killed the cattle and ate them raw. Then their commander rode in on his horse made of magic and iron; Sameq.

          He is an imposing eight foot tall man, with hair on his chest like that of a dog and a helm that covered his face and was made to appear more imposing with horns jutting outward all over. He dismounted his horse with a loud thud and retrieved his weapon the Disemboweler against swords, a battle axe with a heavy sledge on the other side a two sided blade at the tip of the weapon and was as long as he was tall. Minions bowed with fresher newer armor with skin fresh and new to combat had bowed as he approached and he began to speak.
"Capture the women and any girl you find, kill all who are not virgin, tear the babies from their mother's wombs and if they old enough toss them in the cart, you may eat them if they aren't. Kill any male who is old enough to breed and any raping and killing of any female will be met with my blade for all who disobey from this point on until the next settlement we pillage, now go forth!!!" and all those who bowed got up and began to work out his orders.
          The gates were soon opened; reinforcement, cages were brought in and the women, girls and new born old enough to exist outside the womb were corralled in all naked some carrying babies. Screams and crying were heard all though out the city as Sameq made his slow walk to the mansion of the governor who was captured by his men. Corpses of men and women littered corners and the streets old and new, many young women having their bellies ripped apart having their flesh devoured by Sameqs forces. He began his ascent after getting away from the main group up a spiral stair well when some children who thought they snuck away ran right into Sameq. With a mighty swing of Disembowler he slaughtered all the children but two, which on was severely injured from the attack and knocked away the little girl who slammed into the wall. He put his foot on the boy's chest and crushed it and blood rush out of the boys mouth as he wheezed and struggled to breathe. The boy convulsed but kept breathing in blood as he began to asphyxiate and die slowly.
          The girl was out of breath but was streaming tears and a noiseless cry was seen emanating from her mouth as he picked her up by the back of her neck. He looked at her eye to eye with his blood red eyes meeting her green ones. She fainted as he put her over his shoulder and continued on to the mansion. Within no time he approached the governor's mansion with his minions awaiting for him as he placed the girl in their care as he entered the governor's chamber room. The heavy doors swung open with the governor on his knees and bound by rope with two demon guards by his sides as Sameq approached.
          "Leave us" and the guards left hurriedly and closed the iron doors on the way out.
          He approached and moved his body in a gloating motion"I have taken your keep, I have by force taken your lands and your people now belong to me. Swear to me your fealty and I will give you your life"
          "What good will my life be at this point?!" Shouted the governor
          "You have slaughtered my men, taken their women hostage, killed my wives, and now you demand fealty?! I have no subjects to rule and all hands are taken by you"
          Sameq began to laugh before he continued
          "Do not worry, I will return your women after they have done their duties to my cause" He then pointed to the fields to the west "You will need them to farm for grain for my armies, you will do so not only for your life but to have a being who isn't a mindless slave" which sameq began to laugh

          "Oh what irony!!!" he knelt down to get to his eye level "you will either become my mindful servant or mindless slave, either way I benefit from your pride" he stood back up and looked around the room "I don't know what your complaining about, you will be the only man left In this city and I will make sure no other men will come" he turned to face him from the face of the governor's chair " I hear you love women, you should have no problem procuring more offspring" Sameq said while making a sexual gesture.
          "So then tell me governor" Sameq approached the feeble governor "Will you swear fealty to me"
          The governor trembled.
          "Yes" he whimpered.
As a reply, Sameq thrusted him in the air and shouted.
          "Louder! So the lords of the Earth may hear and the gods of the realm will record your words!"
          After being coerced the governor too shouted "I Regibald the third, governor to the hold of Zenith south to the Valley do swear fealty to Sameq" Sameq released and let the governor fall to the ground and Sameq exited the doors and whistled for his colors to be raised; A great head of a great beat with fangs and pronounceable teeth for gnashing rather than tearing and a large snout and horns coming out its head akin to a ram.


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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2196866