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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2196892
Erika isn't as controlling as she thinks she is; Audrey begins to be suspicious of Kayla.
Chapter 5

Kayla put on her standard uniform; the small, grey tank top that let her chubby belly hang out and blue jeans. Exiting the dressing room as she placed on her dark green beanie, she wondered where the others were. Nobody was in her dorm building to free her, so she had to walk all the way from there to the group's HQ, and when she got there, nobody appeared to be present, but the door was unlocked, so she turned around with her back to the door so that her hands could turn the doorknob, then entered the building, found the small shovel that Melanie threatened Audrey with by the tools, and used it to cut her wrist bond. After freeing her mouth, she went into the dressing room to change into some fresher clothes. Looks like I'll have the place to myself she thought. But she thought too soon, for when she exited the dressing room, she saw Chelsea and Melanie standing by the front door.

"Well," spoke Melanie, "there's the delicious looking newbie." They began to approach her with such conniving grins that Kayla began to sweat. Please don't treat me the same way you treat Audrey, she mentally hoped.

"H-hey y'all," Kayla managed to speak up.

"Hey Missy, I heard from my English teacher that you're here 'observing' for your class," said Melanie.

"Yeah, are we just some experiment for you?" asked Chelsea. Kayla swallowed hard and began to pull at her tank top in an attempt to cover her midriff.

"Y-yes, ok t-t-that's how it started, bu-but you guys are-" Kayla couldn't finish her sentence because Melanie swept behind her in a wrestling trap: locking Kayla's arms over her head, leaving her belly fully exposed. Chelsea grabbed a liquor bottle and smashed it against the table, leaving the head with sharp, jagged edges.

"Well, who's to say you aren't some spy for the enemy?" taunted Chelsea, moving the broken bottle to Kayla's belly. Kayla whimpered and grasped in her belly, her eyes widening and her mouth quivering with fear. "Look, just like big ole Audrey!" shouted Chelsea, jabbing the busted bottle closer, making Kayla suck in her belly more to avoid a painful sting.

"Ha ha, let me help," added Melanie. She pushed Kayla's body closer to the sharp edges. Kayla shuddered and inhaled her belly as far as she could with Chelsea teasing her with slight jabbings at her concave tummy.

"Please don't..." muttered Kayla, frightened as the bottle was moved closer to her flesh. She couldn't move back with Melanie pushing her forward and Chelsea moving the sharp object closer until it lightly touched her skin. Kayla shut her eyes tight until she heard a shout. Feeling the sharpness move away, she opened her eyes to see Chelsea moving the bottle away so she let her tummy hang out, then she saw Erika coming from the conference room in her usual white, tight shirt and black spanx. She was usually stern, but fair, making Kayla glad that she came to the rescue.

"Oh ho ho alright," spoke Chelsea, approaching Erika, who kept a glaring face. It was then that Kayla noticed that Chelsea was taller than Erika. She started to point this out, but she was still being held by Melanie, who covered her mouth.

"I told you to be careful jabbing Audrey's belly, only to keep it an understanding joke; but this is going to far!" scolded Erika.

"Really?" questioned Chelsea, "Listen ma'am, I respect you as a leader..." Suddenly, she grabbed Erika by the back of her shirt and lifted her up, exposing her belly.

"Hey! What the-" cried Erika. She tried to pull her shirt down, but to no avail. Keeping a deteriorating stern look on her face, she saw Chelsea lifting the broken bottle's sharp edges up, "...but we're just having some fun."

Chelsea slowly yet violently thrusted towards Erika's bare stomach. She sucked in her belly fast to make sure she'd avoid it; backing away while still trying to keep a stern look on her face that was gaining nervousness.

"So how's about letting us do our thing?" asked Chelsea. She prodded at Erika's plushy, sucked in belly. Suddenly overcome by fright, Erika exclaimed in fear, her body shivering, and she tried to back away while Chelsea held her close to the broken, sharp, jabbing bottle. Please don't actually stab me, Erika prayed, but the bottle was closing in. Melanie laughed as Erika and kept her belly inward while Kayla breathed heavily behind the hand gag, afraid that she would witness something awful; in all her time as a member had she never seen Erika so scared nor had she seen a belly tremble so much, and she hung out with Audrey. Just then, Chelsea stabbed viscously at Erika's belly. Erika screamed and shut her eyes, waiting for the impending death. After hearing more laughing, she opened one eye, noticed that the bottle was far from her gut, and let her belly fill up with natural air. Chelsea dropped the frightened woman and signaled Melanie to do the same with Kayla.

"C'mon boss, let's vamos," said Chelsea and Melanie followed her out. "We'll be here tomorrow," they said in unison. Kayla and Erika looked at each other, confused on what the girls' motives really were.


Audrey was sweating profusely and breathing heavily following her jog. It hadn't been too long since she joined the gym with Kayla, and Mia was kicking her butt enough to make Audrey's doubts about Kayla's forgiveness increase.

"Alright girl," started Mia, let's try lifting some..." The rest of Mia's words were mumbles to Audrey as her sweat covered body fell onto a strange, cold substance. She tried to keep conscious to be aware of her surroundings as Mia continued to talk, clearly not noticing Audrey on the...floor? No, it feels colder than the floor, thought Audrey. A loud grinding jolted her back to reality; noticing Mia grab a bar that had titanium cable tied in the middle. The cable led to several weights where at the bottom was a sharp edge. It was then that Audrey realized where she was: the sharp edge was dangling over her extremely round, fat, exposed midriff.

"Hey-" she started to speak up, but the edge came down, making Audrey jump and her belly began to tremble. The sharp edge came closer and Audrey sucked in her belly as quick as she could. The edge almost touched her dented fat, but raised far enough to allow her to do the same with her gut.

"Whoops! I'm so sorry!" called Mia. She held the bar down, keeping the weights suspended high enough for Audrey to scoot out of the way.

"It's o-" Audrey never got to finish, for Mia had set the bar in place, got up, grabbed the breast of Audrey's shirt, and pulled her up to her face, close to her creepy grin, making Audrey shudder.

"It must be good to try getting rid of that fat, right?" whispered Mia, tracing Audrey's fat with a sharp fingernail. Audrey made a scared groan, sucking in her belly again. "Or I can just take a bite. My sisters would love that." It was then Audrey realized: Is Mia an agent of the F.F.C.N? Does Kayla know? How will I get away from this?
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