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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2196927
Aekira describes life on the Tractatori Mothership...
         To all extent, being kidnapped by a giant evil alien monsters has not been my favorite experience. I don’t even remember it actually happening. The last thing I remember before waking up in a cell on some huge spaceship is The Man’s helicopter exploding. How long ago was that exactly? It feels like it has been a year or more, but I doubt that it has.
         Everything that I’ve seen on this ship is completely computerized, except for the aliens of course. Luckily, they haven’t figured out a way to stop me from being a computer. I can still send messages and mess around with their wiring. They are getting so angry with me.
         Why did they even take me anyway? They seem to be the most technologically advanced race in the entire universe. What use am I to them? I’m like totally inferior to some of the things that I’ve seen on this ship during my many wire-tampering excursions. Could they have only taken me because of the Man?
         To my great displeasure, I found out that the Man is here. Why they took him too, I don’t know. He seems to be able to move about more than me. Could he have been collaborating with them? Is the reason I’m here because of him? What do they want from me?
         They have me hooked up to a machine that is not unlike the one I was attached to before Max rescued me from the Lab. My wig is gone and all these little wires are now attached to my head. Because I’ve shorted out the electrical current that powers the machine, all it does is detain me. Honestly, it is pretty annoying.
         The aliens were pretty surprised to find out that I actually ate food like a normal human being. Did they think I had batteries or something? Is there some other way that I don’t know of to get energy? These aliens think themselves so smart, but they really aren’t compared to me. Only my first few hours here I figured out how all their technology works. I also figured out that I can send messages to earth.
         Speaking of which, since I have nothing better to do, I’m going to make a video of myself to send to earth. I lift up me right index finger which I discovered has a little tiny camera in it. In my mind, I can see the image of myself.
         “Hello friends, family, and everyone else, this is Day One of my video log. Technically, it is my sixtieth day here on the Alien Mothership. Life ain’t so bad up here. I have a wonderful view of Earth through the single window in my cell, and I entertain myself by messing with their electricity. I’ve found out how to hack into their computer systems without too much of a problem.
         “I hope you are all doing well. I miss Earth. I miss the smell of grass. I miss the sound of birds singing. But most of all, I miss all of you. Max, Ed, Jemimah, Addison...Father...life is meaningless without all of you by my side. I love you all, stay safe.”
         I end the recording with tears in my eyes. I have to get out of here. I need to find a way to get back to them.
© Copyright 2019 E. M. Gale (opal-griffin at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2196927