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This poem came to me when I thought of the morning sun.
Morning sun should make you feel good. To fulfill your days with rays of glory, it's the perfect setting for writing your story.

Morning sun keeps you strong, strong enough to sing a beautiful song; you can't go wrong with that. A majestic horse can be ridden on a beautiful course. The most identifying dreams of originality are revealed by your imaginations, making the uniqueness of your creation completely your own, putting you on a path of discovery.

Morning sun gives meaning to the messages that were created in the back of your mind. The ideas that were in your brain are to be shared in this world with others.

Morning sun wants to shine right in the sky, giving you the motivation to perform your art; an indication of encouragement for a brand new start. Morning sun wants us to have fun. When we run with the Son, our work will be done.

Morning sun is a gift; it's destined to give you a lift. Waiting in store are many surprises, a whole lot of blessings and many more. It's time for a session that has a good lesson, and it's time to retrieve what you can receive. There's a yearning out there to do some learning.

Morning sun says that it's time for the youth to have some couth. Let's ride the tide for the chance to be on your side.

Do the things that you may, and listen to what people say. Enjoy the morning sun each day.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, July 29, 2019
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