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a script I wrote
The Island of braying souls
By Asa Fisher

We open on a boat out at see a weak man on board alone, it would seem he’s been there for some time
We dissolve to him suddenly seeing an island through the fog

Man: Is that…………. Oh, thank god

We dissolve to a few minutes later he’s in a harbour it looks abandoned, old, rusty boats filling it up

Man: Hello…… Hello …Is anyone here?

Soon after we cut to him in what seems to be an old bar

Man: I don’t get it why is this place just empty like this, nothing moved just abandoned, like everyone just disappeared

He looks around the bar and sees an unopened bottle, no information or name on it

Man: huh what’s this?

He takes the cap of and sniffs it

Man: Huh, it smells fine

He thinks for a minute

Man: fuck it, it can’t be any worse than the sea water

He drinks it down

We dissolve to him walking through a field on the island, where a bunch a donkey roam around

Man: Huh, how odd, no people but still donkeys, must be an old breading ground

He suddenly groans slightly

Man: I’m starting to feel a little odd, maybe it was that drink

His stomach begins to make noises while he looks down at the grass and without even thinking about it, he begins eating it

A few moments later he realises what he’s doing

Man: wh, what am I doing?

he suddenly lets out a few groans of pain as he feels his ears stretch

after a few seconds he questions what happened

Man: what happened to him ears?

He feels and looks at them

Man: are those donkey ears?

He suddenly feels a pain from his back end making him groan again

He looks back and sees a tail

Man: Oh, oh my gawwwwd

He’s stunned with shock

Man: did I just……. Bray?

He looks around at his arms and begins to see fur growing around his body

Man: Wha, what’s happening to meeeehawwwwww?

he can do nothing but panic as his body begins to change its structure and fur begins to grow

Man: N, No stop please, this isn’t possible, I’m a human beeeeehhhhhawwwww

His body continues to change it’s form

Man: I neeeeed to find help, b, but where?

He begins to shout

Man: Help, someone help, help meeeeeehawwww

He cries out in slight pain as his hands and feet begin to change

Man: n, no not hooves, no I’m a human damn it

He begins to fall on all fours

Man: No, stop pleeeeese I don’t want to be a donkeeeee haawwwwwww

His face begins to push out
Man: A donkeeeeeee haaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww HeeeeeHawwwww

We fade dissolve to a few moments later where all that is let is a braying jackass in a field of others


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