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A short story based on a picture prompt for July.
         There's a planet near the Orion constellation called, planet Redd Z. It's made up of light and dark colors and is mostly red. In a way, it's similar to Mars. There was a war on one side of this planet by two opposing sides. One side was the Zetas and the other side were the Vetas. Both sides were greedy so now one of the sides of their planet on the West is clouded by smoke and decay.

         Now, both sides are going to have to try to work together to clean up their world on the West sides, it's uninhabitable to live on and is also causing bad things to happen to their remaining East side of their world. The two opposing sides have to realize they need each other to work on this, but will this ever happen? Will the opposing sides work peacefully together to clean up their world?

         Both sides have come to Earth to try to live and take over the Earth, but they've recently been caught and were sent back to their own world to resolve their problem with each opposing side. They had no choice but to do this. Now even though their world's in chaos, they have to figure out a way to live there anyway.

"We have to figure this out soon. We can't just keep living this way. We need the extra land Zs," said Zu the second in command to his leader of the East side that won the battle with the West side.

"Yes, I agree. We need to discuss this with the opposing side. Let's head out to talk to Vs their leader," said Zs to Zu.

         The Zetas headed to the Vetas with only a few soldiers. A lot of the soldiers were lost, so that's why only a few went. The opposing side lost a lot of soldiers too. Now due to this, there would be plenty of land to share equally amoungst each side, but both sides are still greedy and want all of the land to themself.

"I am Zs. We need to work together to restore our world. The people of Earth sent all of us including your side back to our world. We have no other choice," said Zs to Vs the opposing side of the West's leader.

"You are right. We are very few now. We agree to help but we will still be our own side," said Vs.

         After a decade, many more soldiers were created on both sides. The West side of their world was finally cleaned up and the darkness, smoke and debris that was seen around their world there finally was gone. Will the opposing sides have a war again?

"Zs, we are many now. Shall we have a war and take the land on the West side?" asked Zu to his leader of the East side.

"Yes, we should have a war again," said Zs.

         The soldiers of the Zetas headed out to the Vetas to have a war. For some reason the Vetas disagreed to have a war. They wanted to keep their world clean and not have the debris, darkness and smoke on their side of the world again.

"We don't want to have a war again. We want our side of the world to remain clean and light. Is there a way we can come to an agreement?" asked Vs the West side's leader to Zs.

"Yes. Let some of us exist here, and we'll allow some of you to exist on our land. Let's intermingle our people on both sides," said Zs.

"That sounds like a good agreement. This way our world can stay clean and free from debris and darkness. All of us need all of the land we can get," said Vs.

         After that was said, there were no more wars. The Zetas and Vetas all lived in peace and harmony. A mix of Zetas and Vetas were born and there was finally peace throughout their world.

~ The End! ~

Word Count: 670

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