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by BK
Rated: E · Short Story · Other · #2197067
Moneybags from the Spyro games enjoy some fancy food before hibernating for the winter.
The early-Winter winds around Moneybags were drowned out by the loud growling coming from deep within his stomach. Soon, he will hibernate. First, he must eat. His stomach roared again. A row of high-class, expensive restaurants awaited him. He planned to feast at each one of them. He shook his bag of gems in anticipation.

Without any further delay, he hurriedly waddled into the first establishment. Upon being greeted and seated, he ordered his first meal. As he waited, he feasted on the free bread that they offered. Two bowls were devoured before a large, steaming-hot prime rib. He salivated, with some drool falling to the table below him as he stared at it. The “elegance” he tries to show vanishes instantly as he devours the meat. Heavy swallows, groans and licking noises shattered the peace inside the restaurant as other eyes stared at him. A loud belch followed when the plate was clean.
The waiter arrives with the bill. Slowly, Moneybags sits his gems on the table. “Do you take gems?”
Sweat that wasn’t caused by the meat started to trickle. “Um, yes, yes…give me one moment.”
The waiter steps away to tend to another table. The bear’s eyes darted around before a decision was made. He sloppily leaves his table and runs out of the restaurant before he is noticed. Somehow, despite all the noise, he managed to succeed. Upon moving out of view, he rests himself against a wall. His stomach growls loudly again, demanding more food. A thought then comes to him.
“Well, if they are too good for my gems…then I’m too good to pay!”
With the thought solidified in his mind, he started for the next restaurant. A massive seafood platter greeted him. Juice and sauce flew as he poured the succulent food down his greedy maw. The button on his suit, already straining from the last meal, snaps off and strikes another guest in the head. He pays no attention to the guest that looks at him, now annoyed. Another celebratory belch followed. His growing gut shakes and groans with any mere movement. The sudden weight increases make him struggle to keep balance as he dashes out once again. The staff notices him this time and gives chase, but somehow, he manages to elude them.
With the area clear, the steakhouse awaited. He ordered the largest steak they had to offer as well as all their available sides. His hand would frequently rub his belly as his shirt ripped apart. It had become too tight. With one long “rip,” his shirt would finally fail and his engorged, gurgling stomach would break free. The bear groaned between large bites as he finished off the meal. He could barely stand afterward, but managed to get out before he was seen. The bear could hear murmurs among the crowd to get the staff, but he somehow managed to waddle away. However, he could barely fit through the door anymore.
The last restaurant served mostly Italian food. His stomach protested the moment he entered, but he didn’t care. It jiggled as much as his gem bag as he took his seat. A mammoth variety of entrees would be served. His face would become stained with oil, sauce and cheese. Burps, sloshes, groans, growls and grunts filled the room, interrupting the rest of the guests’ meals as they watched him gorge. Once again, he didn’t care. This was all about him.
With the meal finally being devoured, he slapped his stomach in victory and unleashed his loudest belch yet. He lazily looked around for the staff, but they all appeared busy. It was time to get home.
He groaned as he stood up and began feigning a need to go to the restroom. He cradled his heaving gut as he waddled his way toward the door. His head turned once more to be sure. When certain, he opened the door and started to leave. However, just as he felt the winds of freedom, his movement was suddenly halted. He gulped upon realizing what had happened. His frame had become so large that he couldn’t fit anymore. More sweat started to fall as he turned his head while he frantically shook to break free. Before he knew it, several managers were now staring at him with angry looks. He gulped once again. His stomach gurgled and sloshed.
© Copyright 2019 BK (brandykokuppa at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2197067