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by K.HBey
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Emerald is a poor girl and Sammy is a rich boy but when being adults things may change
In the early morning in her humble shining room,
Jasmine smell invades the area,
The birds song breaks the silence,
Emerald wakes up by such shimmering sun rays,

Just opening her eyes, she touches them,
They remain ahead near her pillow,
Her shoes are well preserved where yesterday she put them,
Her wish comes finally true,
Her father bought her the gift, a pair of shoes,

Bought from his extra money of his flowers sale,

Today she will play with her friends,
A pair of shoes on her feet,
Which look like Cinderella's ones,
Wearing a white dress too that her mother sewed,
From the money that she got when she sold some bread,

No sarcasm, no humiliating look, she will be the princess tonight,
A boy of her age used to mock her,
The rag she used to put on and her bare feet caught his sarcastic laugh,
Indeed he is the rich,
Sammy eats what he wants and sweet is his best,
His parents have given him a golden spoon and a feathered bed,
A cell phone in his hands,
A car is coming soon in a couple of days,
He does not want to study,
Tomorrow he will gamble with his father's fortune,
His great greedy belly guides him,

But today he does not recognize the girl,
She is the first in her class,
Wearing the best of clothes,
Jasmines decorating her braids,
She is the princess,
She catches the eyes,
All are flabbergasted,

Twenty years later his father becomes bankrupted,
Now Sammy is a man of thirty and becomes jobless,
Emerald succeeds and possesses a company,
Now she is the rich and he is the poor.

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