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by Voli
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Individual Desire for Survival- Does it exist?
Her eyes can barely open. Gladly,she would have them shut in the fantasies of her dreams. She strains to have them open. Why bother? Nothing in this world excites her anymore. Did it ever? It doesn't matter. She wonders if this is what death feels like, If this is what it means to be content with having the plug pulled... the last days....
She's seen it all, felt it, heard it, why? Why bother with more pain, et down?
She isn't sure.. but she has to endure more. She's one 31. God knows she has a long way to go.
Last night she looked on Google for Hit Man For hire... on her self. Nothing came up. She found others that were looking to do the same. hmm, comforting, she thought. but still, no answer. Sure, she can help some kids in Uganda or Skid Row. Sure she can help her self do something better. But why does anyone want to bother going on any way? She doesn't understand. Sure, they have families depending on them, most likely. She is a single lady. So. There is a major difference. In spite of this, there is the question of each individual desire for survival. Does it exist?

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