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Jane's missing having something in her life and receives them as gifts, what are they?

         Jane, an elderly lady loved to collect different kinds of cactus, plants and flowers. It brought her peace, joy and happiness by doing this. But, she felt that something was missing in her life. She didn't quite know what it was but she knew it was something very important.

"Well now I've bought my 100th cactus, 100th flowering plant. This is wonderful! But, something's still missing...something in my life. What is it I wonder?" Jane said while she placed the last cactus in its place she just bought.

"Hee, hee, hee!" squeeled a tiny voice by one of her orchid plants.

"What? Who's there? Who's laughing?" said Jane surprised as well as a little bit startled.

"It's me, Ganar. I am a plant fairy. I'm here because of all of these plants you keep giving your love to," Ganar said while he laughed again, which caused the orchid plant shake he hid behind.

"Well, I'd like to see you. Something's missing in my life and I'm not sure what it is. Do you know what I could do to change it?" said Jane, who slowly approached the plant Ganar hid behind.

"Yes! Here I am! Why not open up a greenhouse and share all of these plants with people?" said Ganar merrily while he danced all around Jane's plants.

"Thank you Ganar! That's what I'll do!" said Jane merrily back.

         It took Jane a month to prepare her plant rooms to turn it into a greenhouse. It was ready in no time. Then, she passed out fliers that announced the opening of her greenhouse. She handed them out at her church, library and plant stores in her own town. People started to come to her greenhouse. She continued being friendly and talked to them. Jane began to have regular customers visit her, and she made lots of friends. Jane's life became more fulfilled! Friendships and love blossomed for her!

"I'm so happy that people came to my greenhouse and I get to share the plants and knowledge I have about them with them! This is wonderful! My life's more fulfilled now! I was missing having friends, love and people in my life," said Jane, and after she said that, Ganar came out and spoke to her after the customers went home for the night.

"Jane, you're a great friend and teacher. Since you do this all for free, I'm going to make the plants appear for you so you can always continue doing this for people. This is your job now and you'll be loved for it too. Enjoy it!" said Ganar happily.

"Thank you Ganar!" said Jane.

         Jane continued doing this for the rest of her life. She even found a man named John to love too. Her life was now fulfilled and she loved the people, John and her life even more.

~ The End! ~

Story created on: 5-18-19
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2197117